May 23, 2011

tiny marvels

There are two things I absolutely can’t stop thinking about recently:
1.      Cupcakes
2.      Cake Pops
If you take a look at the pictures below, you will probably know why. There are uncountable possibilities as how to decorate them and what flavours you want to combine – just amazing. Although I don’t particularly like the icing/topping, I still think they look awesome. And the cakes themselves taste fantastic… just small enough to not feel guilty about if you take another one.

In Zurich, there is even a service where you can order cupcakes in three different sizes. You just have to order as least 20 cupcakes. Just check au Michelle’s cupcakes. Or you can simply put together your very own creation at Jolie-et-calorie.

In case you’re not too lazy… just do them yourself! Baking is a lot of fun to me and I wish I were doing it more often. But I don’t want to have to eat them all by myself…

The second I fell deeply in love with when I first saw them were Cake Pops. Tiny cakes (sometimes even cupcakes) propped on sticks and ready so eat. Don’t they look marvellous?

and sooooo delicious?

I bought myself the recipe book from Bakerella and I will certainly try to do them soon. You will probably see the results here. I only hope that I can get hold of all the needed ingredients here in Switzerland… otherwise I will have to improvise.

You can even form and decorate them in every way you want to. The Hello Kitty ones are just too cute to eat!

In case you need any inspiration concerning baking, you should really check out Baked Perfection. These sandwich cookies are one her creations… fantastic!

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