Jun 29, 2011

lamb meatballs in pita bread

I've been cooking again! Well, I have to admit that it's been some weeks since I conjured this meal onto the platters of me and my boyfriend... but I haven't had the time to post it sooner. Well, and actually my boyfriend did all the meatballs, so these credits go to him.

The dish is actually pretty simple, but delicious. We used ground lamb meat and formed small meatballs - tho only special thing about these meatballs was that we added some feta-cheese. Furthermore, we made a traditional greek salad using tomatoes, cucumbers, feta-cheese, some onion and red peppers. From yoghurt mixed with fresh mint leaves and some salt and pepper we also made a zaziki/raita-kind of sauce.
Obviously, we needed some bread as well. We used a simple pizza-dough with wholeweat flour and formed four small pizzas that were later slized open horizontally - like pita bread.
Just stuff everything in and voilà!

mmhhh... so delicious! I'm getting hungry again by just thinking of it...
xoxo linskaya

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Jun 22, 2011

i believe in pink

What a great quote from a great lady: Audrey Hepburn.

I don't even want to destroy the magic of it by talking in lenghts about it. that's why I won't. Just read and enjoy...

xoxo linskaya

Jun 20, 2011

the dark days are over...

I haven't told you yet that I am a bookworm, book expert (yeah)  and especially a book lover.
My favourite stories are either fantasy/sci-fi stories or crime stories. From time to time I also like historical novels, but I just can't stand stories that are inspired by real incidents... inspired by someone's real life. Life and the horrible things that happen all over the world are bad enough and it's absolutely sufficient to read about these things in the newspaper. Maybe that's naive but it's what I think!

Books and reading books is a way of escaping reality... and a great way too! The last books I read were part of a fantasy/sci-fi trilogy: the hunger games by suzanne collins

A friend of mine told me about the hunger games and said she loved it. I wasn't expecting much - as I normally never like the books someone else likes - but I was seriously impressed with the whole story and the emotional ups and downs it contained.

The story is actually very dystopian and very dark. Characters you care about die, often horribly. There are many great visual moments that linger in your thoughts long after you've left the passage. I enjoyed every single moment of reading these books. Books are only good when they completely unsettle you and these books certainly do. 

Her main character, Katniss Everdeen, and her companion Peeta go through some horribly bad times, action scene after action scene and every time you think it can't get worse... it will. But I don't want to spoil the fun of reading it that's why I won't tell you more than what it says on the book's cover:
Winning will make you famous - losing means certain death. In a dark vision of the near future, a terrifying tv show is taking place. Twelve boys and twelve girls are forced to appear in a live event called The Hunger Games. There is only one rule: kill or be killed. But sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen has been close to death before. For her, survival is second nature.

And one more thing: what a great read! all of them!

xoxo linskaya

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Jun 14, 2011

cake pop monsters

yeah, I finally did it: I made cake pops myself!

After seeing all the beautiful cake pops from Bakerella, I simply had to buy her book. her ideas for the decoration of the different cake pops are very inspiring! making cake pops myself was some kind of challenge for me though...

Apart from translating the recipes into German and from converting the measures into European ones there was another difficulty: I simply couldn't find the needed ready-made topping and icing anywhere in Zurich.  Thus, I had to be creative - no problem for me :)

The decoration isn't exactly professional, but I was great fun and everybody loved them! They're obviously far from perfect but they definitively turned out as cute as I imagined them to be...
And I will keep on trying :)

xoxo linskaya

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Reading: The Hunger Games, Part 3 – Suzanne Collins (only 50 pages to go!)
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Jun 12, 2011

what I wanna wear

you all might have noticed it: summer is here! well, not exactly now, I know, but generally! and I really hope it's going to be a great summer...

Normally, I used to wear mostly pants in summer - 2/3, 7/8, knee-lenght, hot-pants, whatever... but since I spent a lot of time watching Gilmore Girls, I started considering wearing dresses. And it was a good thing I did :) Today, I simply love to wear to dresses and I have all sorts of them. That's why two of my summer outfits include dresses.

The first trend I like about this year's summer is the marine trend: anchor chains, cute sailor shoes, blue and white stripes...

my second outfit is more sporty. I am absolutely in love with these blue adidas retro shorts! and I have always wanted yellow headphones like these...

of course, I also needed an evening outfit, one for wearing over your cute bikini - a little more classy, dark but still colourful and with a hat. I guess everyone will be wearing such a straw hat this summer, but I don't care :) I haven't found one yet, though!

So I keep on wishing that summer will return soon... and I will certainly keep on working on my bikini-body! 
xoxo linskaya

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