Mar 28, 2012

arm charm

Ah, I need to stock up on jewellery... no, actually, that's a lie. I don't need to. I own plenty of beautiful pieces! It's just that I am kind of an addict. 

An addict of jewellery. 

An addict of shiny stuff. 

An addict of accessories... of bags, shoes, dresses, and t-shirts.
But also an addict of chai tea, cappuccino, straciatella yoghurt, grapes, nail polish and freshly baked bread.

Better stop now! 

Enjoy the sunny springtime weather (I need to get started on my tan) :)

xoxo linskaya

Mar 26, 2012

salad, oh salad!

Ah, it's spring again... and spring always means that I love to have salad again. In the bleak and cold winter months I am not much of a salad eater. And to be honest - who is?! If you tell me that on a freezing cold, dark, desolate and dreary winter day the only thing you crave is a healthy little salad I won't believe you. I simply won't! And I might call you names behind your back... who knows?! ;)

The only thing normal people (and yeah I am defining normal based on me which might be rather risky but I'll do it anyway) crave on dark winter evenings are things like hot chocolate, savoury pies, stew, delicious heavy soups etc. Warm things... I'm sure you get it...

But now it's spring again and before I get carried away by talking about savoury food, annoying people and cold winter days I will simply show you the salads that make me so happy lately. One of them is a simple caprese salad with basil (I love how my mom calls it "TomMoz" for tomato and mozzarella) in a not so simple way and the other one is my favourite mixed salad with corn, cucumber, tomato, avocado, shrimp, sesame and balsamico cream. 

I really love to eat salad again. I even might try one or two recipes for salads with berries, melon and other sweet fruit in them soon. *excited*

xoxo linskaya 

Mar 24, 2012


Ah, I know I have annoyed you time after time lately with my freakish love for gold... and especially the combination black and gold. But I thought you might survive another post - and I hope you do, because I certainly don't wanna be responsible for your deaths ;) 

So here they come, my latest black'n'gold favourites... just for your inspiration!
By the way, my absolute favourite is the little golden skull bracelet... wish I knew where it is from. (Feel free to enlighten me if you know). 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

love & xo

Mar 16, 2012

Lucious Lips

There is always one part of your body that you really like... a part that makes you feel proud... right? Maybe you can't think about that body part right away but after a few moments I'm sure everybody can come up with it.

For me that very special part of my body are my lips... lovely lips... lucious lips... 

My lips; for me they are the pure embodiment of sensuality. I need them to laugh, to kiss, to talk, to eat... everything that is important! That's why I decided to put more emphasize on my lips. 

Dark red, light red, blood red, orange, tangerine, coral, pink, berry... great colours for great lips!

*kiss kiss* xoxo

all sources: here

Mar 12, 2012

Sequin Skirts

Just to stay with the topic of skirts: if there aren't any skirts around with bold colours and patterns, I'd definitively go for sequin. How I love that material! Many people think that a sequin skirt can only be worn at night... because of the glitter and everything. Hell no! Be courageous, ladies, and wear your sequin skirts/dresses at day too. The boys will thank you ;)

When I was wandering through the stores last week, I also happened to come across this super cute sequin skirt from Zara. You can also find a few cool and bolder ones here. 

xoxo linskaya

Mar 9, 2012

Rock it!

My mom is a lovely person - I love her a lot! But she can be cruelly honest at times. Only last summer she told me throw away a pair of jeans that made me look like I had gained 10 kilos (according to her and which I didn't by the way!). And way before that, she gave one of my pullovers (a white one with golden hearts on it) such a critical look that I never dared to wear it again. But she can be very helpful and positive too. 

So since my mom told me lately that I look best in anything that ends above the knees, I decided to wear more skirts. And as it is finally getting warmer again (hello, spring, would you please stay this time?!), I will be able to put my resolution to action... 

I already scanned the shops for some cool skirts and found some pretty cool ones in Zara. Seems like the stranger the better! If you're looking for the sources of the skirts I put on here, you can do so by visiting my Pinterest account.

Enjoy the sun and the warm weather!

xoxo your linskaya

Mar 8, 2012

I will never be too old for Disney

One thing is for sure: I will never - ever ever ever - be too old for Disney! There simply is no such thing as being too old for Disney... Hope you get that? ;) 

If anyone walks up to me and tells me that he/she thinks Disney movies are silly, I feel personally offended... and the only thought soothing me is the fact that these people simply are too stupid for Disney! *ha - got ya*

Any I will never be too old for colourful clothes either... what a shame if we would all dress in grey, black and white. A little splash of colour here and there and I'm the happiest person in the world... or so!

xoxo Linskaya

1) LaMer Collection Watch in Neon 2) Superman Shirt 3) Tassel Bracelets from Etsy 4) Nastygal Colorblock Dress 5) TOMS Ballet Flats 6) Nastygal Neon Scuba Dress 

Mar 3, 2012

what moves me (february)


Aaahh, February is already over... and so is my birthday. I had a great BBQ-Party with my friends yesterday and loved it - I was never able to celebrate my birthday with a BBQ, so it was all the more special. 

I just wanted to share with you some of the things that moved me in February:

1) experimental nail art... It looked good for more than a week. OPI really is the best nail polish I know! 
2) pure organic coco juice - I have seen that drink so often in New York that I thought I have to try it. Well, it looks much better than it actually tastes!
3) my new leather jacket from Tommy Hilfiger - this was the best birthday present ever! my boyfriend, mom and dad made super duper happy with this!

4) poppyseed marzipan yoghurt - I so loved this!!!
5) cute snowdrops I discovered last week. ah, spring time is finally coming.
6) super huge gold/chinese piggy bank - what a cool birthday present form my work colleagues... still have to find the perfect place for it though.

7) sun salutation yoga sigg bottle - #1 birthday present from my brother
8) colour-changing tulips from my boyfriend
9) two sal y limon bracelets - #2 birthday present from my brother

lots of love!
xoxo linskaya