Jan 31, 2012

proud like a peacock

Sorry, guys and girls, for keeping you waiting so long. Last week was a rather busy week with my last 600-words essay to finish. But I did it! The deadline was yesterday, so now I am back for good. And I have tons of stuff to share with you...

But first of all, I wanna tell you how really proud I am on myself. Proud like peacock! :)

I never had to write so many papers and essays for one semester at the University like this semester - hello, master studies, I guess! But I managed to keep a timetable and a to do list and fought my way through all this work slowly but constantly... no stress, no panic, no half-hearted works this year. Yeeaah!

Wanna know how I did it? (Just in case you need some motivation to get your work done...)

There is one very simple principle that works for me: reward yourself when the work is done! I used to that at the end of my essays and it was mostly unhealthy food I rewarded myself with. I kept teeling myself: "you need this right now. you worked so hard, you deserve this!" and gained about 1 kilo. But hey, that's soooooo wrong!

This year, I had a new plan. I rewarded myself on a daily basis with a balanced breakfast and a chapter in my book (Oh, how I love the "Song of Ice and Fire" series), a fun and healthy lunch, one episode of my favourite TV series and some yoga/karate/dancing.

This is how it worked: I got up, prepared myself a balanced breakfast like scrambled eggs on whole wheat toast, pumpernickel with cream cheese and fresh tomatoes or some granola with fresh fruit and yoghurt. I allowed myself to have breakfast as long as it took me to read one chapter. Then I got to work...concentrated work for 3 to 4 hours accompanied by some green tea. For lunch, I reserved myself an enitre hour: preparing and cooking a healthy lunch like a huge salad with shrimps, sesame and goat cheese, a spicy thai soup or some couscous, and eating it while watching one episode of a TV series (my favourite right now is "The Vampire Diares 3"). After that, I got back to work for another 3-4 hours and finished my day with 30 minutes of yoga or some karate training...

And guess what: It just worked perfectly! And more: I even lost a kilo that way *hahaha* I am soooo proud... And now, where everything is done and three weeks of holidays are lying ahead of me, I think I'm gonna reward myself some more: with a piece of clothing or some jewellery in peacock style...

If you are one of those poor people who still have some work to get done for University: stay focused, loved ones! You gonna make it!

Love and kisses

Jan 22, 2012

more than thousand words (or inspiration part IV)

A picture says more than thousand words... even if there are words on the picture! 

There is something simple and yet artistic about these plain messages on canvas. And it wouldn't be too hard to make them all by yourself. A huge plus if you ask me. I'm not the kind of person who would spend a lot of money for a piece of art. I'd rather create one myself :)

I picked these pictures out of a sheer uncountable amount pictures out there because I like the messages of all of them. The first one, however, is my absolute favourite: Think outside the box!

Lots of love,
xoxo linskaya

Jan 21, 2012

Braid it!

I love long and beautiful hair. Two years ago, I cut my hair pretty short... too short, if you ask me. And I've been growing it back long ever since. Having long hair is great and I'm loving it every day. Only in December I decided to get fringes again (I was a fringe-girl for almost all my highschool time)... and I don't regret it. I like to wear my hair open more often now that I have fringes. The look is just less boring than with simply long and straight hair. 

And oh hell yeah, I have straight hair. 

Just straight! 

I used do have slightly curly hair, but that got lost somehow on the way. No idea how or why... Well, that's why there are curly irons :) I like to use it once in a while to get a completely different look. But most of the time, I don't have nearly enough time for curls... and that's exactly when braids enter the game! 

Very easy, very quickly done, very cute... nothing more to say! A special braid just spices up about every look... I'm loving it!

xoxo linskaya

Jan 17, 2012

Coffee Art

Yes, it is the so called lecture-free time of the University...

And yes, others would call it a holiday. 

But I wouldn't call it a holiday. At least not until the end of January. I am currently writing on a few different papers and essays I have to hand in until the end of the month. This means writing a total of 20'000 words...

So what's the fuel that runs through my veins at the moment? What keeps me going? In a very exaggerated sense it's coffee! And not just any coffee, I'm a fan of cappuccino - I actually can't drink coffee without a lot of sugar and milk, so cappuccino is the perfect fit for me :) 

Obviously, I wouldn't spend so much time on my cappuccino as these artist... but hey, their coffee artwork are just great. Don't you think?!

Haha, I think if I really tried I would be able to Angry Bird one or the one on the bottom right. For all the other ones, I'm not so sure! But I'm pretty sure the one with the dragon would take so much time that your coffee would already be cold once your finished... Not exactly what you want!

I think I will have a hot chocolate now... one can need a little change from time to time ;)

xoxo linskaya

Jan 14, 2012

Pull it over!

It is f***ing cold outside! But I simply love it!

What's better in winter than a sunny day with blue skies and temperatures below zero? Days when you get a red nose the instant you step out of your house? Days when your breath constantly turns into tiny clouds? Ah, those days are wonderful... I wish all days in winter could be like this. 

And how to best fight the cold? With thick oversized pullover and a warm scarf! Don't these outfits look cozy and cuddly?! ;) 

Enjoy the cold, I surely will!

xo linsakya

Jan 12, 2012

no normal nails

I've been experimenting with nail polish and glitter lately. I never was a "nail polish-girl"... I always liked red and only red on my nails. But I wanted to broaden my horizon and thus used many of the different nail polishes I had bought but never used. And I tried how the looked plain, with glitter, with a french nail effect (but not only with white but with different colours)... 

I never took any photos though! So I won't be able to show you how the different experiments looked... but I collected some pictures on Pinterest to show you the different kind of looks I experimented with. 

I liked the ones with a dark colour like midnight blue, dark red, violet, grey or even black with a tiny hinge of glitter... just amazing!!! Only disadvantage when using glitter on your nails is the removing part. Gosh, please, if anyone knows how you can get the glitter off your nails with ripping pads after pads to pieces, let me know! :) 

Otherwise, it's great fun to experiment with nail polish. Just try it! 

xoxo linskaya 

Jan 10, 2012

Precious [or wanna have part VI]

Only today I realised that has been quite a while since I last some jewellery... not that I would need any. Oh gosh no! But who ever really needs jellewery? I am addicted to jewellery! I truly and sadly am... I own so many bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, ankle chains, watches... I couldn't count them.

There are days when I don't even like to wear jewellery. Days when I feel freer and untroubled if I don't wear any... there were even days when I taking off all my jewellery was the first thing I did when I got home. There are days when I like to keep it simple. There are days I like to exaggerate. There are days when I just love to mix it all and wear various different bracelets and rings together.

It seems like in a gold rush at the moment, because I like golden jewellery a lot lately (as seen here and here). But I still like silver and other colours and materials as well. The four items above are just a selection of pieces that caught my eye recently.

xoxo linskaya

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Jan 9, 2012

sexy sweaters

Today I'm gonna show you a very interesting project I found online: sexy sweaters. The two initiators of this projects are Alec and Greta. They created a program with which they can "project" any given picture onto a blank sweater... This is not simply photoshop, this is genius. 

Now really; take a look at these designs and tell me that's not great. There is a sheer uncountable amount of different designs of pullovers/sweaters. Only sad that are not "real". So far they are only virtual designs... But Alec and Gerta are currently looking for donators or sponsors to make their project become real. 

Until then, I will keep dreaming of some of their designs. I thus collected the ones I like best. The first collection of six black, white and grey designs are just amazing. With a pair of (skinny) jeans and heels, they would make the perfect outfit. This is of course also true for the following collected designs:

Oh how I love these Disney-princesses designs! They are so amazing... I have no words for them. They are obviously still a very bold choice of clothes. 

Very cute as well... aahhhh, Bambi, Calvin & Hobbes and little Simba... lovely! And how I like the house with all the balloons from UP!

And just a few more cool designs... to show you how multifaceted the possibilities with this program are. so enjoy them!


Jan 7, 2012

new year's resolutions

First of all: Happy New Year to Everyone! Phew, 2012 is already a week old and I haven't managed to write to you sooner. I hope you'll forgive me. I wasn't absent because I didn't want to blog or share my thought, but I've been enjoying the holidays with all my loved ones, went snowboarding in the Swiss alps and had to finish two papers for University. 

But hey: I'm back... back for good! You can look forward to a great 2012 with lots of ideas form my part :) I'm really really really looking forward to it!

The first days of the new year are always a time for resolutions. To be honest: I'm not very fond of resolutions. Although I am generally a list-person, goal-maker, always write-it-down kind of person... resolutions are just so illusionary. You either make and know that you will not keep them... or you make them with the best intentions and end up breaking them anyway. 

You have guessed just right: I did some resolutions anyway! I have lots of plans for the new year, lots of goals, lots of projects... why not call them resolutions? And why not share them with you? (so you might remind me of them, should I forget them too soon!)

Some of my goals for 2012 are:
  • Live healthier! Be fitter! (yeah, we all ate too much over the holidays - and we all want to get rid of the few extra kilos)
  • Continue blogging, have fun with it and refine the layout: I won't have to many difficulties keeping that resolution... and I would love to create a new header!
  • Cook and bake more often (and share the recipes with you)
  • Find time to be creative at least once a week: I have lots of new canvases, new colours and materials, a sewing machine I have never used, a neglected Art-Journal and many more ideas...
  • Spend a lot of time with my loved ones; boyfriend, family and friends (most important of all!)
I'm looking forward to a very interesting 2012! It will be a good one, I'm sure. 
Lot of love 
xo xo linskaya