May 30, 2011

art journaling

Keeping a journal was never one of my strengths. I started about seven diaries, but I always lost my interest after a few weeks. Maybe this project is thus doomed to fail as well, but it has kept my interest for several months now… a new record!
I started art journaling after I had seen some videos on Youtube.  As I love to be creative and use a lot of different materials, this just seemed so perfect for me.  This is a way to keep a journal without having to write something meaningful... a big plus from my perspective, as I think my life isn’t that meaningful at all :)
And it’s a way to ensure you take some time for yourself… some kind of meditation.
I used everything that came into my way: photos, snippets from magazines, stamps, stickers, old maps, all kind of colours (Acrylic paint, ink, watercolours, pastels) etc.
See some of my pages for yourself:

I hope I can keep up my art journaling... doing it once a month would be great!

xoxo linskaya

Mood: tired
Listening: Alain Clark
Reading: The Hunger Games, Part 3 – Suzanne Collins
Watching: Castle Season 1
Playing: -
Eating: self-made cakepops
Drinking: a tiny bit of white wine

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