Oct 28, 2011

golden beauty (or wanna have part IV)

'speech is silver - silence is golden'

I don't know what it is about gold watches that fascinates me. I used to think that gold watches are only for pimps and gangsters. Especially the big ones. When did I change my mind about that? I have no clue at all. All of a sudden, a golden wrist watch does not simply look good, but I really feel the strong need to have one!

But I keep thinking: are you sure? will you wear it? will it look good on you? is it really the watches that I like? or is simply the 'stacked' look?

I wish I knew the answer to all of these questions....  I wish I had a gold watch.... I wish I wish I wish...

xoxo linskaya

Oct 26, 2011

self-made jewellery

Around this time of the year, I normally get out my knitting stuff. yeah, you heard right: knitting! If you don't know it yet: knitting is no longer considered old-fashioned, boring or granny-style. Knitting has a new urban and stylish image if nothing else because of the graffiti knitting movement (see here for some great examples). 

But this post is not about knitting (I just wanted to make sure that you still think I'm cool *chrchr*). This year, I don't feel like knitting though - so I was looking for a new challenge. As I spend quite some time on Pinterest, I was inspired by the idea to make some easy diy-bracelets. After the first one (who turned out to look a bit clumsy), I really got addicted and made more and more of them in all sorts of colours, with different leather ribbons and special beads. Of course, I improved after the first few!

I could now tell you how to make them yourselves, but I won't. If you need a last-minute present or just like them enough to give one to yourself for no apparent reason (who needs a reason to make him-/herself a present anyway?!), I would be happy to give them away for a tiny contribution towards expenses. I'm even inclined to take orders and wishes as to what colour-combination you would like to have your bracelet in. I can even imagine making ones in different lenghts... so, be creative!

Just in case you should have severe sleeping problems because you don't know how to make them, you could still contact me and I'll gladly tell you. ;)

xoxo linskaya

Oct 21, 2011

red curry coconut thai soup

I realized that it's time for a recipe that is not weird in any sense at all! I know, I've been pretty experimental where my cooking is concerned... breakfast pizzas, baked eggs, chocolate dipped pretzels... well, today I'm going for something different. And guess what? It's even healthy! 

What I am talking about is a red curry coconut thai soup. and what a delicious soup it is!!! When I first tried this recipe, I was astonished not only by its great taste but also by the utter simplicity to make it. Believe me: I'm not a hell of a cook and I certainly don't like complicated menues (which is probably because I'm a tiny bit too structured when cooking and I'm always following the instructions of a recipe meticulously). So the less instructions the better!

And in times like these, where its grey and cold outside and the temperate crawls under 10°C... nothing warms you up better than a nice spicey soup.

Ingredients – serves about 4 to 6 as a soup course or light entrée
  • 2 tsp vegetable oil
  • 2 heaping tbsp red curry paste (I’d suggest this one)
  • 4 cups vegetable stock
  • 2 cups coconut cream
  • 1 lime, halved
  • 10 large button mushrooms, sliced
  • a handful of baby corn, cut into halves or chunks
  • a handful of snow pea pods, ends trimmed
  • 2 chicken breasts, sliced
  • 1 cup loosely packed cilantro, washed and dried
  • Salt and fresh ground black pepper
In a medium pot, heat up the oil on medium heat for a minute or two. Add the red curry paste and stir until it starts to melt (1 or 2 minutes). Add the vegetable stock, coconut cream, lime halves and cook for 10 to 15 minutes.

Some extra advice for those of you who really like it healthy: Remove the pot from heat and allow to cool slightly (10 to 15 minutes). This will allow some of the oil to gather at the top so you can skim it of if you want to.

Put the broth back on the heat and bring back to a simmer over medium heat. You can remove the lime halves at this point. In a separate pan, gently roast the sliced chicken and add to the soup. Also add the snow peas, baby corn and mushrooms and cook for 5 to 7 minutes or just until tender.  Give it a taste and adjust salt and pepper to your liking (I usually like it very spicy, so I added a lot of pepper and some more red curry paste).

Now spoon into serving bowls (you best use preheated ones) and top with sprigs of fresh cilantro. And you’re done! Nothing left to do but to spoon out and wait for the soup to warm you from the inside…

Until my soup is ready, I'll snuggle up in a blanket and read a bit!

xo linskaya

Oct 20, 2011

a wall for everything

I recently tried my hand at a bit of diy homeworking on an old wooden sunblend. You should know, before I begin, that I knew absolutely nothing about the subject. And truth be told, I still don't. Luckily, my boyfriend does!

We spent a whole (still warm and sunny) saturday in our garden working on these two old sun blends. The idea - I don't like to admit it, but it was his idea - was genious. We wanted to decorate two old wooden sunblends with a blackboard, a metal (magnetic) sheet and lots of clips. In short, we wanted to create the perfect wall for everything: for keeping businesscards, postcards from friends, photographs of funny occasions, menucards to order from take aways and for being able to keep a "To-Do" or shopping list.

I have to admit that I enjoyed myself A LOT! haha... drilling, painting, screwing, polishing, milling... just my kind of stuff! I should definitively do that more often. It's a very liberating feeling when you're dirty and tired but utterly happy... besides the fact that you made something no one else will ever have in just the same way.

So, my female friends, pick up the drill and hammer and get to work!

xoxo linskaya

Oct 14, 2011

autumnal decoration (or inspiration part II)

yeah, it's autumn and I keep going on about it - I hope you're not bored yet!? But the pumpkins, colourful leaves, nuts, acorns and twigs offer an infinte source of great ideas for autumnal decoration. And as I will have some time on my own this weekend, I will probably collect some things on a lovely walk through the forest and work them into a nice decor...

These are some inspirational pictures from Pinterest. Most of the ideas are pretty easily realizable. And they look really autumnally!

Ah, I can't wait to get outside again into the cold, fresh and windy air... red cheecks ahoi!

xoxo linskaya

Oct 11, 2011

Mugs'n'Cups aka Teatime (or wanna have part III)

Whenever it starts being cold outside again, I start drinking tea again! My favourite is the classical chai tea with milk and lots of sugar... but I'm not averse to varieties of tea. Whether Black, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Roiboos or even White tea, I like all of them except for Green Tea - Green Tea just keeps reminding me of infusion of grass and that's, er, gross!

Of course you need to have worthy cups and mugs for that! That's why I spent quite some time collecting great "drinking vessels". You can see my collection here. 

I simply love the one in the middle with the fisherman - have you ever seen a cup so cute? And the one with the cookie-drawer is just ingenious! Mrs. Potts and Tassilo just remind me so much oh my childhoo that I had to put them here. Actually, I think I would not have the heart to drink "out" off Tassilo! My favourite, however, is the first couple of cups! The idea is cute and funny... and should you ever be short of an idea what to give me for my birthday: that's it! *wink*

Let's have a cup of chai tea now!!!
xoxo linskaya

P.S. I'd love to give you the sources of these pictures or tell you where you can get them (especially the one on the top left corner), but except for Mrs. Potts and the little Tassilo I have no idea...

Oct 9, 2011

baked caprese eggs

It's been 36 days since my last recipe post! Obviously, I had to do something to change that immediately. So hat's the answer? of course! writing this post about another breakfast recipe, which I tried a few weeks ago! Nothing too complicated (who wants to spend 2 hours in the kitchen on a sunday morning?!) and nothing too bizarre (maybe the breakfast-pizza was a little adventurous).

This recipe (which I got here) is so simple that you can count the ingredients on one hand: tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, eggs, basil and a tiny bit of milk. You may add some salt and pepper if you like... everything has got to go into a ramekin and wander into the oven. Delicious and simple! And for those of you, who really like to have an egg on sunday mornings... try this recipe and you'll have one more great variation of that classic!

Enjoy your sunday!

xo xo xo linskaya

Oct 7, 2011

coziness and warmth (or inspiration part I)

Finally, it's cold! Yeah, you heard right... I love autumn and I really love the first few cold and rainy days in autumn. And by the way, it's October - it shouldn't be 25°C in October anyway!
Thus, when it's grey and cold outside, when you start drinking tea again and you almost feel like you need gloves get yourself an oversize pullover and cuddle up in it. That's the epitomy of happiness for me!
Fashionwise, I have to admit that I kind of fell in love with that combination of really huge, oversized grey pullovers with a pair of skinny jeans or pants of any kind. Ain't that cute, cozy, warma and fashionable in one?!
Enjoy your autumnally cold weekends!
xoxo linskaya

Oct 6, 2011

mustard yellow (or wanna have part II)

Amber, Aureolin, Banana Yellow, Blonde, Cadmium Yellow, Canary Yellow, Citrine, Corn Yellow, Dandelion Yellow, Daffodil Yellow, Electric Yellow, Gold, Golden Poppy, Golden Yellow, Icterine, Laser Lemon, Lemon Yellow, Mikado Yellow, Naples Yellow, Old Gold Yellow, Pastel Yellow, Saffron Yellow, Sandstorm Yellow, Schoolbus Yellow, Sunflower Yellow, Selective Yellow, Stil de Grain Yellow, Sunglow Yellow, Straw Yellow, Tangerine Yellow, Titanium Yellow, Unmellow Yellow, Vanilla Yellow...
...of all the 'yellows' in the world, I like Mustard Yellow best!

 And who knew that there were more than 33 different kinds of yellow?! The world never stops to amaze me...

xoxo linskaya

Oct 5, 2011

cutest rings ever! (or wanna have part I)

This is the first of many posts to follow about things that I either "wanna have" or that "inspire me". These super cute rings definitively fall under "wanna have"! I especially love the one on the bottom right corner... I found the picutre on Etsy in the shop of SmilingSilverSmith, who has many more cute and funny rings in her shop. Amazing idea! All the other pieces are from Pinterest, but I couldn't tell where you could get them (sorry).

I hope you like my new 'inspiration-series'... I do! :)

xoxo and have a great day - I'm somehow in a most blissful mood!