May 21, 2012

Stack it!

Do you remember the times when you used to weave and tie friendship bracelets? That's a questions only girls can answer I guess. I did so many friendship bracelets, I was almost a professional. Not that I would still be as good now... No! I tried to do one lately and it didn't turn out to be something I would like to show you *hihi*

That's why I show you all these other pictures of stacked bracelets, not all of them self-made obviously. But the combination is what does the magic. 

Happy stacking!

xoxo linskaya

May 17, 2012

Lace Love

I'm in love with many things in my life... (apart from my life as a whole, my family and my boyfriend). It's really astonishing how I can fall whole-heartedly in love with "things"... sometimes twice or three times a week! Sometimes twice a day! However, I absolutely don't see that as a problem. I embrace the idea that you do things in your life either whole-heartedly or not at all. 

My falling in love with "things" is most often also the reason why I share things with you on my blog. So, there is a positive thing to it as well... 

The thing I wanna share with you today is my love for lace. I do not own anything with laces... never have. But I would love to! A flimsy white lace skirt or dress combined with a coloured blazer, a leather jacket or an oversized tee seems like the perfect outfit for this summer. I can imagine that these lace dresses would look even prettier with a nice tan :) 

So off to the balcony to sunbathe....

xo linskaya

1) lace skirt 2) lace dress 3) lace dress

May 16, 2012

all things for summer

I can't stop telling you this, but summer is upon us. Not as regularly and hot as one would hope for the middle of May but what would the world be like if the weather were actually predictable!? Let's enjoy the hot days while they last!!!

As you all know I am a sucker for To-Do-Lists... they make me happy. And ticking off things on one of my many lists is very satisfying, it makes me feel like I really did something :)
So, obviously, I had to do a Summer-To-Do-List!
Here we go:

1. Plant some flowers. And don't forget to water them!

2. Host a backyard BBQ party and send out some crazy & cool invitations.

3. Watch a movie outside wrapped in blankets.

4. Beach. Sunbaking. Lots of Sunbaking!

5. Run through some sprinklers like we did as kids (and nope, I won't wear a white shirt)
6. Drink a lot of cool and summery drinks - how about cherry, peach or raspberry mojito?! 

7. Visit a pick-your-own strawberries farm. Yum!

8. Take a (more or less) spontaneaous weekend trip to Paris and visit my Grandpa.

9. Go to a drive-in movie theater, eat a burger and drink milkshakes - so looking forward to this! #PulpFiction

10. Go on a Picnic with lots of yummy food (eating them out of mason jars) and tons of cushions.

11. Lying on the grass drawing some awesome things ;)

12. Make my own "healthy" popsicles with yoghurt and fruit!

13. Take more than 1000 photos on our trip to California.

14. Do Yoga on the sunny rooftop in the middle of Zurich once a week - yeah!

I think I could add a lot more points to my list but let's try and stay realistic for a moment... summer has only so many days you can actually plan.

Do you have any crazy To-Do-Lists or summery wish-lists? I'd love to hear about your plans for this summer...


roadtrip picture

May 15, 2012

Breakfast Bread Boats

Ah, now where I am back and my fingers hover over the keyboard once more I thought I'd share another crazy breakfast recipe with you :) haha, gotya! I kind of start to annoy myself with this habit of bizzare breakfast recipes but sunday seem to be the only time when do not forget about taking pictures of my food...

So now to these beauties: they are so-called breakfast bread boats! And like most of my recipes this one is above all thing easy... you can use any kind of bread rolls or buns as long as you can hollow them out (ah how I loved to eat the inner parts of bread rolls as a kid!).

Fill them with an egg (or two if your bun is big enough) and all the spices of your choice.
We used paprika, scallions, salt, pepper, and chives.

If you want the yolk to stay intact just separate the egg whites and the yolks first and only season the egg whites with your spices. Fill the egg whites in your bun and top them with the yolks. Ta-da!

Now put them into your oven at 150° C for at least 20min and keep checking them from time to time. Every oven is different and you don't want your breakfast burned, right?!

yummy yummy!

xoxo linskaya

May 14, 2012

Colour Up!

Oh dear! I am back and I am very sorry for keeping you waiting so long for my next post... somehow time just elapsed too fast around me in the last week. But here I am again :)
And I am here with one of my favourite trends for this spring/summer: coloured pants! I have to admit (and yeah my blog is full of me admitting things about myself) that I did not own any coloured pants for the last 5 years. I loved running around in all kinds of colours as a kid... my mom even let me wear lime green pants with red socks, a blue shirt and a yellow sweater! I have photos to proof that! *blushing*

Something changed this year: I fell in love with colours again and decided to spice up my wardrobe with some coloured pants (mine are orange, pink and blue). And it's been liberating! Apart from allowing me to come up with so many great outfit it also feels much "fresher" to wear colours instead of the usual black, brown, white, and jeans...

Be bold, ladies!

xoxo linskaya

1) yellow dotted pants 2) pink pants 3) mint pants 4) green pants

May 2, 2012

bathing suits

Ah, summer is almost here... I can almost taste it, it's definitively something in the air. Or it at least was last Friday and Saturday. However, summer usually means time for swimming in the river or lake (yap, sadly there is no sea around in Switzerland). And that obviously means that one needs a new bathing suit: a sexy summery bathing suit!

I have to admit that I used to be a bikini-person. Maybe I am still.... But somehow I fell in love with so many bathing suits this year that I really consider to buy one. In my little collection here, you can find the ones that caught my eye and heart lately. I just need one of these and then: oh hello, summer!

summery kisses

*xoxo* linskaya

1) Black Fifties Bathing Suit 2) Grey and White Bathing Suit 3) Striped Bathing Suit 4) Ruffled Bathing Suit 5) Gold Choker Bikini 6) Black Lace Bathing Suit 7) Marine Bathing Suit