Feb 28, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's my birthday and I cry if I want to!...

Well, I'm certainly not gonna cry :) I'm gonna enjoy my day (although I'm at work) and be happy!

love you all!!!

xoxo linskaya

Feb 27, 2012

hot quinoa breakfast

It's been quite a while since I last shared a recipe with you, so I thought it's high time I did!

I used to be a breakfast-hater... a breakfast-skipper indeed. Most studies say that it's unhealthy to skip breakfast and that you are likely to gain weight if you do. I'm still not convinced that this is true but anyway... I do think it's unhealthy to eat breakfast if it makes you feel you have to throw up. My stomach just wasn't ready to eat anything so early in the morning...

But that changed: with my routine of eating breakfast during the holidays (as I told you here), I started to like breakfast. And my stomach started to like it too. So now I usually do eat breakfast... although I'm still not a cereal or hot cereal kind of person.

Last week, however, our fridge was completely empty... apart from a tiny bit of milk and some blueberries that had to be eaten. So what did I do? Yeah, I decided to try this hot quinoa recipe. I wanted to try quinoa anyway and as it is said to be a high protein seed, I think it's pretty healthy too.

It's pretty easy to prepare... and won't take more than 20minutes. Just follow the instructions on your quinoa package (if there's one) and use milk instead of water. Add as much brown sugar and cinnamon as you like and sprinkle with blueberries for serving.

Quinoa doesn't have much of a flavour of its own... so it's hard to say what it tasted like (apart from sugar, cinnamon and blueberries). It's rather mushy and you'll feel full faster than you think...

To be honest, it's not my favourite kind of breakfast (never will be), but it was good nonetheless. Next time, I'd probabely try it with apple instead of blueberries... or without cinnamon and with rasperries.

xoxo linskaya

Feb 24, 2012

what a gorgeous day

What a gorgeous day! Ahh, how I enjoyed the day! Spring was in the air!

Blue skies with almost no clouds, many hours of sunshine, the birds were chirping and it was warm. Well,  10° C is not exactly summery but if you have experiences temperatures of -27° that's almost 40° C warmer! Just imagine that... 

So it was warm enough to leave my winter cloak in my closet and wear my absolutely favourite trenchcoat: this Tommy Hilfiger Plaid Dufflecoat.

I bought that bijoux in september last year when I was in New York and absolutely and completely love it! It's a very bold pattern, I must admit that, but it looks great with jeans... and any other piece of clothing if truth be told. 

I really hope that it stays warm so I will be able to wear this coat daily... and drink coffee outside with by BF enjoying the sunset in the city.

xoxoxo linskaya

Feb 20, 2012

Winter Layering

It's still winter. Not exactly surprising news, I know, but somehow this cold season is getting on my nerves... Yeah, it's getting brighter in mornings already, the days seem longer, the sun is peeking out now and then and the snow has almost gone entirely (depending on where in Zurich you are), but it's still winter. And that means it's still time for thights, scarves, hats, gloves and most of all layers.

I love layers... I am a layer-kind of person. Do you know what I mean? I actually almost never leave my appartment with less than 4 layers of clothing... and these days I'm especially fond of shirt layers!

Just pick a cool lumberjack shirt with squares (I'd wear a plain top underneath), pull a jumper over it, some skinny jeans and you're ready for a winter day.

wintery kisses
xoxo linskaya

Feb 19, 2012

birthday wishes

Nine day to go until my birthday... not that a 23rd birthday would be special in some kind, it's just some birthday, one of many! 

Someday you reach an age where your birthday is no longer THE event of the year. It's just one of the many evens of year...

Ain't that sad?!

Well, no, not really :) I like birthdays but somehow I always think it's my mom who should get all the congratulations... not me! And I don't need a cake and candles... just the people I love around me is enough. I wouldn't even need presents... I've got everything!!!

But in case you're one of my loved ones and one of the kind who like to make presents... these are some of the things that won't leave my mind at the moment.


1) purse 2) macbook sticker 3) harry potter monopoly 4) yoga socks


lots of love and hugs

xoxo linskaya

Feb 15, 2012

be awesome today

Just a tiny bit of advice for an awesome day: just be awesome! 

These are just some glimpses of how to achieve that: sexy heels, sequin leggings or freaky sexy tights, stylish bag, smokey dark make-up and black nails. 
Nothing simpler than that!

xoxo linskaya

Feb 13, 2012

be my valentine

Tomorrow is February 14th... Valentine's day! 

I used to be one of the persons who don't like this special day of lovers. It's kitschy and pink... and a day of the flower industry. Yeah, as I said: I didn't like it!

But that changed: it changed on February 14th in 2008 when I met a guy who would turn out to be the love of my life, the one and only, the man to spend my life with. Sounds kitschy? Yeah, I know, but it's true. Me and my boyfriend met for the first time on a Valentine's day...

So there's no way around celebrating Valentine's day for me! and I love it! 
This year, I feel like treating my bf with a nice dinner and some sweets.
And we all know that the way to man's heart is through his stomach ;) 

love, hugs and kisses

Heart-shaped Patatoes, Marbled Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies, Heart-shaped Pancakes and Fudgy Brownie Hearts with Fresh Raspberry Buttercream

Feb 10, 2012

gold dipped diy

Ahhh, a beautiful week behind me... some days in between that just flew past... and now another beautiful weekend ahead. I like! Me and my boyfriend are going to spend the weekend in a top class wellness hotel in Germany with a candlelight dinner, a day full of massages, spa and other beauty treatments, a nice lie in and many cozy hours....

As soon as I'm back, though, I have lots of plans for baking, cooking, painting and some diy-stuff! These gold dipped glasses, vases, plates and more seem like the perfect diy-project, don't you think? minimal effort and material, maximal effect :) 

I hope I'll get the time to do it once I'm back... you'll hear about it! until then, enjoy your weekends!

lots of love linskaya

Feb 6, 2012

Spring Favourites

I just returned from a wonderful weekend in the mountains: perfect weather, blues skies, lots of snow and sun, icy temperatures (hey, minus 27° degrees is freaking cold), and we had all the slopes to ourselves. It was pure fun... with six layers of clothing!

And even though I really enjoyed the cold and the snow, I am already longing for spring again... I'm tired of wearing thighs, turtlenecks, thick pullovers and winter boots. Don't you feel the same?

Flowery prints, lots of colours, short skirts, butterfly prints, pastels and soft warm colours... just look at the pictures to see my absolute spring favourites. 

Ah, how I wish for warm weather!

xoxo linskaya