Jul 28, 2011

not so far away

In about an hour, I will be on my way to the airport - hopefully almost there. Four days out of town (even out of Switzerland). I'm pretty excited! The weather shouldn't be too bad, not very summery though. As long as it won't be raining I'm happy, because me and my boyfriend will be camping. Never done that before! I guess sleeping in a tent with my little brother in our garden when we were about ten doesn't count...

You want to know where I am going? I'll ler you guess...
But here a few hint: there is a lot of water & lots of bridges, boats and bikes. Get it? If not, take a look at the picture below!

I'll be right back for Swiss Nationalday on Monday 1st of August. See you soon!

Over and out!
xoxo linskaya

Jul 26, 2011

It's time to tell you something...

 ...about me, myself and I
1. What time is it? – 11.24am
2. Name? – does it matter?
3. Nickname(s) – linskaya, line, linchen
4. Where were you born? – in one and only Zürich
5. What is your birthdate? – February 28
6. What do you want? – good karma
7. Where do you want to live? – where my heart lies
8. How many kids do you want? – two, no more/no less
9. What would you want to name a girl? – Justine or Anouk
10. What would you want to name a boy? – Max
11. You want to get married? – hell, yeah!

What do you like about a guy?
1. Smile or eyes – smile'n'eyes :)
2. Light or dark hair – dark
3. Hugs or kisses – both!
4. Shorter or taller – taller
5. Intelligence or attraction – both
6. Romantic or spontaneous – both
7. Funny or serious – both
8. Older or Younger – definitively older
9. Outgoing or quiet – outgoing
10. Sweet or Bad Ass – both

Have you ever...? 
1. Performed in front of a large crowd – what’s large?
2. Done drugs – have you?
3. Consumed alcohol? – guilty
4. Been on a cheerleading team – nope, never will!
5. Been on a dance team – no
6. Been on a sports team – yes
7. Been in a drama play/production – yes, dressed up as a guy
8. Owned a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Escalade, Hummer or Bentley? – no
9. Been in a rap video? – no no no no nooooo!

Last person who…
1. Slept in your bed besides you? – my boyfriend, as always
2. Saw you cry – see above
3. Went to the movies with you? – BF and my girlfriends
4. You went to the mall with? – BF
5. You went to dinner with? – BF
6. You talked on the phone? – mom and grandma
7. Said 'I love you' to you and really meant it? – my love
8. Broke your heart? – you guess...
9. Made you laugh? – BF

Would you rather?
1. Pierce your nose or tongue? – none
2. Be serious or be funny? – both
3. Drink whole or skim milk? – no milk, ieeh gross!
4. Die in a fire or drown? – stupid question, I wanna die sleeping
5. Spend time with your parents or enemies? – parents, obviously.

Are you…
1. Simple or complicated? – hell, I’m as complicated as it gets
2. Gay? – obviously not
3. Hardcore? – meaning?

Do you prefer…
1. Flowers or candy? – flowers
2. Gray or black? – black
3. Color or Black and white photos? – black’n’white ones
4. Lust or love? – love
5. Sunrise or sunset? – sunset
6. M&Ms or Skittles? – both
8. Staying up late or waking up early? – staying up late

Answer truthfully!!!
1. Do you like anyone? – yes, many people
2. Do they know it? – most of them

Do you prefer...
1. Sun or moon?– moon
2. Summer or winter? – I don’t judge the seasons!
3. Left or right? – when nothing goes right, I go left
4. 10 acquaintances or having two best friends? – 2 best friends
5. Sun or rain? – both at the same time!
6. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? – I’m a chocoholic, so chocolate
7. Vodka or Jack? – none

1. Nervous habits? – not that i've noticed
2. Are you double jointed? – yes
3. Can you roll your tongue? – yes
4. Can you raise one eyebrow? – yes
5. Can you cross your eyes? – yes
6. Do you make your bed daily? – of course
8. Which shoe goes on first? – I guess the right one
9. Ever thrown one at someone? – one what? shoe? but no, i haven't.
10. On the average, how much money do you carry with you? – that’s my purse’s business
11. What jewelry do you wear? – earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches…

1. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? – twirl (who cuts his spaghetti anyways?)
2. Have you ever eaten Spam? – no. have you?
3. Favorite kinds of icecream? – chocolate, hazlenut & straciatella
4. How many kinds cereal are in your cabinet? – two
5. What's your favorite beverage? – chai tea
7. Do you cook? – sometimes

In the last month, have you…?
1. Had a boyfriend? – yap, for the last 41 months
2. Bought something you didn't need? – i always do
4. Sang in front of people? – no
5. Been kissed – yes
6. Been hugged – yes
7. Felt stupid – oh yeah
8. Missed someone – yes
9. Got drunk – not really
10. Got high – no
11. Danced crazily – guilty
12. Gotten your hair cut – nope
13. Cried – yes
14. Lied – maybe

1. Last alcoholic drink? – Apérol Spritz with the girls last night 
2. Last car ride? – with a taxi on saturday night
3. Last movie seen – harry potter 7.2 at the cinema/just go with it at home
4. Last song played: I do – Colbie Caillat

Jul 24, 2011

raindrops keep falling on my head

Don't worry, I've calmed down since my last outburst of frustration and anger on friday. this rainy and cold weather helped me to cool my head... and I worked some hours on my older posts and brought all the pictures back. They should now look the same as before...
However, I learned something: never sign up for a new technology, it's like being a guinea pig.

But now to other things: it's raining and raining and raining... and I simply don't get it! Where is the hottest summer of a century that they promised us?! obviously not around! That's why I decided to do a post on rubber boots.

More than once this summer I would have been grateful for rubber boots and especially for ones that beautiful. Me and my boyfriend were at the open air cinema yesterday evening and it started pouring in the middle of the movie... luckily, we got some tippets but it was not very comfortable. And after half an hour, my shoes just couldn't hold the water anymore and my feet got wet. This wouldn't have happened with a pair of these:

These examples show that wellington boots (oh I just love that word for rubber boots) have become fashionable. The ones in the bottom left and right corner are from Marc Jacobs respectively Jimmy Choo who worked for Hunter. Hunter boots are the most famous rubber boots at the moment anyways. Tommy Hilfiger worked with Keith Harings on the boots in the top right corner. The ones in the middle are no-name boots but they're still great.

I like all of these boots - of course, otherwise I wouldn't have chosen them. But I really took the ones on the top left corner to my heart. They're just soooo English! And I just love English stuff!!!

Let's hope the rain stops. And if not, we should at least enjoy it with a pair of cute, fashionable and great wellington boots!

xoxo linskaya

Jul 22, 2011

Beware of Google+

okay, just a little warning first: this won't be a post that I will be proud on in years to come, but it's neccessary! I'm pissed and it takes a lot to bring me in a mood like that...

Some of you might have heard about Google+ lately, the new social media network that will replace facebook... what a crap, but that's what's been said! Maybe you are part of that now over 10million user counting network, maybe you even think it's cool. so unlike Ffacebook... that's not true! it's hellishly boring and just like facebook, just more boring. And if haven't mentioned it, it's freakin boring.

But now to the real reason why I am so mad at Google and Google+. My profile on Google+ obviously linked itself with my account on blogger - because they are both Google services. Suddenly, all the pictures from my blog and from the posts I haven't published yet appeared on my Google+ profile. Well, who wants his friends to see the pictures of posts yet to come on their Google+ account?! Exactly, NOBODY! Besides, the pictures sometimes were completely distored, tiny or just 5-6 times in my folder. That's why I chose to make short work of it: I deleted the pictures on my Google+ profile...

Wanna know what happened?! Freakin' stupid (I could really curse my head off right now) Google deleted the pictures everywhere, on my profile, on picasa, on my blog... This feels like a nightmare, but it's not - it's true! All the pictures from earlier posts are gone... some of them even gone forever because I don't have them anymore. And my case isn't the worst at all! Google destroyed years and years of blogging for some people... and there is no way to get these pictures back.

So be warned: don't use Google+, it's hellishly stupid! and if you do, beware of the treacherous features of Google!

For me, this means working on my older posts to bring the pictures back. It will take dozens of hours of course... but I have no choice :(

xoxo (a really mad) linskaya

Jul 21, 2011

golden golden sunlight

Do you remember last wednesday? and me taking a day off last wednesday to go shopping on a rainy morning in completely empty stores? The memory of it still makes me blissfully happy... although it's raining outside as if the world were ending tonight. summer? no way! This post is about the jewellery I bought that day...
In my shopping basket landed two necklaces, a ring and a pair of earrings. It's funny, but all the pieces are in gold... not real gold, of course! Well, it's funny because normally I only like jewellery in silver. I simply think it suits me much better. I guess I changed my mind lately. I love my new pieces of golden jewellery! golden like the sunlight...

It would be hard to say which piece I like best. Every one possesses its own congeniality. The little golden bow ring is super cute, while the earrings bestow a hippie-touch upon every outfit. and the two necklaces: well, the owl is my new buddy, that much is for sure, and the acorn always reminds me of scratch from the ice age movies. that makes me smile...
okay, enough talking about jewellery! 
xoxo linskaya

Jul 19, 2011

natural flavoured ice tea

I made a new discovery last weekend: tea bags for ice tea. I've never seen anything like that before... well except normal tea bags of course! special about it is that you can use this tea bag with cold water, ice cold water. yeah, really! just pour water in a glass, add the tea bag and your ice tea is finished. Can't get more easier than that!

It comes in three different flavours - forest fruits, fresh mint and juicy lemon. I went for the first one and I was pretty impressed how perfectly it worked. wouldn't have expected it... I mean, try pouring cold water over any other tea bag and all you get is a bitter tasting kind of water... iehh!

So this is really worth it and a perfect treat for hot summer days. Best thing about it: all the ingredients are completely natural. And the box looks cute...

I am off for a tea,
xoxo linskaya

ps: the tea is from the Silber shop in Zürich, Switzerland. You can have a look at the other stuff of the brand here.

Jul 18, 2011

my new favourite

Yesterday was a very creative afternoon and today... jah, well, just work. Nothing particular. That's why my post doesn't have anything to do with yesterday, today or any day... instead, I must admit something:

I am an owner of a super duper cool summer straw hat! One like I always wanted it... okay, the hat is black and not straw-colour but that doesn't matter. I wish I were going to an openair festival this year, this hat would so complete any outfit. Well, instead I have to wear it to all kinds of other events. Better for me!

xoxo linskaya

Jul 16, 2011


I simply love e.e.cummings' poetry! I came to know his works through my studies and I have been impressed ever since. so many things in his poems feel so familiar. he just seems to speak right from my heart. well it doesn't come from my heart in that artistic and twisted way of course - but still! Now I come to think of it, I will have to dedicate a blog post to e.e.cummings sometime. For now, enjoy his philosophy!

xo linskya

ps: a day of creativity is waiting for me tomorrow! you'll probably see the results soon... 

Jul 15, 2011

new header!

I announced you that I was working on a new header and now here we go. I like very much how it turned out... do you too? I really hope so! And there's a second new thing: you can follow my blog now with Bloglovin! Makes it a lot easier to follow my new posts.

So have a nice evening everyone, enjoy the summer and don't forget to smile :)
xoxo linskaya

sales shopping

I took a day off on wednesday - as you already know - and guess what I did?! Yes, exactly... I did what a girl has to do once in a while (and sometimes more often)... I went shopping! I haven't been shopping for a while now and I was pretty excited.

On a rainy wednesday morning, nothing cheers you up more than finding the stores still empty, no queues in front of the the changing rooms and the cashiers, the clothes still neatly in place and the salespersons still friendly. Accordingly, my bags were full pretty quickly and my purse empty just as quickly.

That's what I bought: one blazer, one pullover,  five tshirts,  two dresses, a bikini, one pair of shoes, a necklace, earrings, a ring and a belt. And I definitively couldn't be more happy with my conquests!

You will see my new things somewhen soon - I really want to take some pictures of my new outfits, but I don't know when I will have the time to do it. Probably next week because some friends of my boyfriend will stay over the weekend at our place.
 xoxo linskaya

Jul 14, 2011

long time no see!

First of all an apology: I haven't been around much in the last few days.. almost one week no see! that's not so good, I know. I could come up with a lenghty excuse about two summerparties on one weekend, too much summer-punch, a lazy rainy sunday doing nothing at all, catching a cold, two days of work and planned evenings and a day off for sales shopping - but I won't *grin* Let's just say, I had other things in mind...

Second: I'm back *wuhuu, clap clap* and I will have to come with some posts in the next few days to make amends for the last few days. Obviously, this is the first post after my absence and hence I will start with the first thing that happened in this absence: the summerparty of our agency.

You might remember last friday night... I do! Although the weather didn't want to play along, it was fun. Good conversations, yummie food, nice atmosphere, great view over the lake and some childish moments with fits of laughter. All in all a very pleasant evening.

I tried to capture some of it in my pictures. Sadly, I didn't take my camera along so all the photos were made with my iPhone (sorry for the quality).

xoxo linskaya


Jul 8, 2011

s'mores and chocolate bananas @Y&R summerparty

Hi everyone!
I'm so ready for the weekend... only 45minutes to go! Today is our agency's summerparty at the lake of Zurich. Hopefully there is no rain tonight, otherwise it won't be fun because the party is under open skies. But I'm pretty optimistic :) Besides the BBQ, I  am really looking forward to the dessert tonight: chocolate bananas and s'mores... yay excited!

So that's it for today... but just to make you curious: I'm working on a new layout of my blog and on a new header. one which is made out of my own photographs instead of ones from "weheartit". And as I am a pround owner of the Adobe CS 4 master collection since yesterday, it's gonna be fun.

xoxo linskaya

Jul 6, 2011

family grill'n'chill

okay, after two days of heavy emotional ups and downs I am now ready to write again. this week's monday was just horrible... Do you know the kind of days where you just think you should have stayed in bed all day? Yes? Okay, my monday was exactly that kind of day... The only thing that helped then was ice cream and cuddling up with my boyfriend in bed.

Tuesday was a lot better! our team from work took a day off. well, we didn't exactly do nothing but at least not in the office... the Hotel Zürichberg where we stayed for the day was amazing. beautiful rooms and an breathtaking view over the lake of Zürich. It almost felt like a mini-holiday.

But the thing I want to talk about after these emotional ups and downs, is a very positive thing: we invited my parents, my brother and my grandma over to our place for a cozy family grill'n'chill. meat from the grill, a traditional bavarian patato-salad, mediterranean tomato-olive-bread and a cheese cake with fresh strawberries helped to make the evening just perfect.

Some impressions for you!

I simply love my family and it was great having them all here at our place enjoying themselves. I hope we will be repeating this soon.

xoxo linskaya

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Jul 1, 2011

ode to my feet

I had to write about my feet this week for a job at work... it turned out that I like my feet pretty much. I didn't even realise it until now... what I wrote almost sounds like an ode to my feet. 
and that's what I wrote:
Thanks, dear feet, that you kept me rooted to the ground and made me move at my fastest speed both together. Thanks as well for bringing me some good results at karate tournaments. Thank you for giving me the great sensations of walking over a still wet lawn after a heavy thunderstorm, of running through hot sand on my holidays, of balancing over stones in a huge stream and of climbing up trees when I was young. And thank you soooo much for giving me the opportunity and excuse to own 24 pairs of shoes that make me look perfect. We could neither stand still nor move forward without you... I guess, we wouldn't be that great without feet.

I hope it will be a warm and sunny weekend - including lots of hours of cooling my feet in a lake and running around barefoot.

xoxo linskaya

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