Jun 27, 2012

a touch of neon

This is an automatic post! And I just wanted to make sure that you won't miss me too much *Muahaha* No, actually I always wanted to do an automatic post while I'm away.

So while you're reading this, I'm still far far away, enjoying summer (hopefully) and taking millions of pictures... and doing some shopping (obviously)! And something I've been looking for for quite a while now are accessories adding a touch of neon. Those are my current favourites!

Hope you're all fine!

love from California, linskaya

1) neon satchel bag 2) lime ballerinas *unknown 3) statement necklace 4) wrap-watch 5) color-blocking handbag 6) neon shirt *by Sincerely,Jules

Jun 17, 2012

An American Dream

Finally, I'm going to America! California, to be more precise. Actually, when you're reading this I will already be on my way to the airport... and I'll probably be super duper very exited :) The only other time I had been to the States was last year when we went to New York for 10  days.

Ah, I don't even know what to tell you... three weeks across the ocean and the summer heat and sun in finally waiting for me. And let's not forget all the great places I will get to see: San Francisco, Napa Valley, Yosemite National Park, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Highway No.1!!!

I hope you won't miss me too much ;) 

Have great three weeks!

xo linskaya

1) stars and stripes pants 2) America bikini 3) 4th of July shorts

Jun 15, 2012

Yes, I can(s)!

I thought I'd share a super easy DIY with you before I am off to America! And with super easy I really mean super easy... like all my DIY actually :) 
I guess that  says something about me. I don't like complicated things, that's all! 

So here is what you need: old cans (different sizes depending on your project) and the colour of your wish (I'd suggest acrylic paint). That's it! And guess what, you could even use cans that are no longer perfectly shaped... they can be dented and crushed and still make formidable pots. 

The project in the top line in the middle is my favourite... but you might have guessed that already ;)

xoxo linskaya

all sources here

Jun 13, 2012

Summer Shorts

The days in Zurich do not feel like summer at all! Today rain and sunshine alternatively honoured us... including temperatures from 10° to almost 20° C... that's what I call crazy. Feels like April!

But, hey, I don't have to put with these ups and downs much longer; only three more days. And then'll be gone and enjoy the summer heat again. Oh my god, you can't image how much I look forward to these vacations ;) 

So, mentally, I have to prepare for summer again. I will have to pack for summer as well... so that's why I spend hours upon hours (not quite true but it sounds nice) looking at pictures of short! Here are my favourite outfits:

1) Chic and classy: old cropped jeans with a slightly oversized white blouse and some bling-bling. and a starbucks coffee of course!

2) Sporty and practical: again old cropped jeans but with a tee (I love the star wars print!).

3) City-chic: These pink shorts with an uni tee and a colourful blazer are just perfect for a day of shopping.

4) Nightlife: you can even wear shorts to party! these chic high-waist black ones with the styled white tee, a statement necklace and blazer for the way home... a winner!

I think I need to pack at least 3 pairs of shorts to be able to combine them. 

lots of love and don't let this ugly weather get to you!

xo xo linskaya

1) cropped jeansI 2) cropped jeansII 3) bright pink 4) black high-waist

Jun 9, 2012

safari knives

Let's talk about knives today! 

Now that's something I have never done before... but I think it's justified. Every avid cook knows that his/her life can be much easier with the right equipment. And I definitively have the right knives.

This Safari-Set from Kuhn Rikon with three blades is just amazing. It was a present for my birthday from one of my dearest friends and I think her idea was just splendid! I use those knives every single time I have to cut some fruit, vegetables, meat... whatever. They cut through tomatoes without squashing them! I thinks that's what fascinates me most ;) apart from the great animal prints!

I never knew I could be that ravished for knives but apparently I am. So if you still lack a present for a friend who loves to cook or if you're need in of great knives yourself, those should be your choice!

hugs and xo

Jun 7, 2012

Life is colourful

No, I did not forget you! No, I did not forget my blog! And no, I'm not too busy to write or have any other excuse... 

I just felt like I needed time away from my computer, time to share with the one I love, time to spend and waste with other things I love like reading my whole-heartedly loved fantasy books (yes, it's the song of ice and fire series), watching my favourite tv series (I'm totally hooked on Spartacus, Vampire Diaries, Game of Thrones and Gossip Girl), and being outside in the sun!

But now I feel like I wanna come back to you and blogging. And I'm gonna do so with some beautiful, colourful pictures and a lovely quote on how I intend to life my live in the future!

lots of lovely kisses
xoxo linskaya