Sep 30, 2011

love oh love!

I'm still alive! That's what I want to tell you with this post... I know that I've been absent quite a while now and for my defence it must be said that I am pretty busy right now, but I apologize. You deserve to hear from me more often... especially when I have about 20 post that have to be written! Pictures from New York, some new recipes, a weekend's diy-project and many more things are waiting to be published...

I really love blogging and I will definitively try to be around more often even with my studies and work going on... I love writing about everything that moves me (haha - what a lame joke!). And I love my life just as it is right now. In fact I would even go that far as to say that I'm in love with myself - the beginning of a life-long romance. Sounds cheesy?! or crazy?

Well, I don't care! Haha! I know that I am crazy and I definitively know that you need to be happy with who you are in order to achieve great things...

Let's set out to do some great things then!


Sep 22, 2011

herbs, marinades and sauces

Ok, I know it is almost (or rather already) autumn... but I still have to post this: this is a tiny recap of a summery event that took place in June, namely my dad's 50th birthday!

Aaaaand for his fiftieth birthday, my dad finally got himself a grill! *drum roll*
Obviously our birthday present had to have something to do with this huge change in his life, so we got him a Weber cookbook with numerous great and delicious recipes. We (meaning me and my boyfriend) decided to try some of these recipes and thus made two herb marinades and a BBQ sauce.

The process of making these led to a kitchen full of delicious scents. As technology hasn't yet advanced that far as to me being able to send you these scents, my words will have to suffice. Just imagine the scent of freshly chopped herbes (thyme, oregano and majoram), traditionally ground coffee and pepper, roasted chilis, and a mix of sea salt, paprika, garlic, onion and cayenne... mmmmhhhhh. And if that's not enough, maybe these pictures will help.
xo linskaya

Sep 18, 2011

Back from the city that never sleeps

Two weeks are over and I'm finally back from New York! It was an absolutely amazing trip... My boyfriend and I enjoyed every minute of it and we came home with a bag not only full of new clothes but also full with many new experiences and even more interesting impressions. 

We took more than 1300 pictures in the city that never sleeps... I'm sure you will see some of them soon here on my blog. But for now, you'll have to be satisfied with some "Hipstamatic-iPhone-pictures"-impressions:

Bye bye summery New York and hello autumnally Zürich! Tomorrow, normal life will start again... 

xoxo linskaya

Sep 4, 2011

NYC - I'm coming!

Finally, it's time for a holiday! Again! But this time it's longer than just a weekend - ten days! And I'm sooooo excited about the destination of our jounrney: New York City
It has to be said that I have never been to the United States before - yeah I know, a student of English Literature should really have been over the ocean just once! So here is my first time! I'm sooooo  excited!!!
I obviously won't be blogging from NY... too much to see and do "over there". But I'm sure this journey will lead to many many posts once I'm back. Did I mention? I'm sooooo excited!!!

So farewell and see you in two weeks.

xo xo xo linskaya

breakfast pizza

It's unbelievable but I've been baking/cooking again. This time, however, it's a "breakfast" recipe. 

Everybody likes pizza, right?! I haven't met a soul who doesn't until now... and most people like an egg for a good sundays breakfast, right again?! Well, then why not combine the two things!? 

I slightly adapted this recipe from Smitten Kitchen and it turned out to have been a great idea. We made a simple whole wheat dough, covered it with mozzarella and gruyère cheese, sprinkled some bacon/salami and green onions on it, and cracked some (in our case 4) eggs over everything. 

Yeah, I know... this isn't what you would call conventional but sometimes you have to try something new. And alltogether it was a great and rich breakfast. Should any of you ever be invited to our home for a sundays breakfast or brunch you might have the pleasure to taste from this yummy pizza!

xoxo linskaya

Sep 1, 2011

a very social garlic-parmesan-herb bread

I've been looking for excuses to try this recipe lately. Fortunately, my grandparents invited me and my boyfriend for dinner last weekend. I was bold enough to tell my grandma (who is an absolutely amazing cook) that we would bring something for starter/aperitif; namely a garlic-parmesan-herb bread.

This bread is very yummy and it's very social - meaning that everybody has to grab a piece and pull ;) at first, this seems pretty akward (especially for my grandparents) but after a while you'll just enjoy. whereas the bread was my part, my boyfriend's part consisted of conjuring a delicious salsa to dip the bread-pieces in. and delicious it was! I actually can't give you the recipe for that salsa, because my boyfriend pretty much did it instinctively... (he's very good at that!)

so we just pulled, dipped, ate, pulled, dipped, ate... and enjoyed a lot!

xoxo linskaya