Jul 20, 2012

Starry Denim shorts

Many people asked me what I liked best in and about the Golden State. My answer was always the same: I liked each and every place we have been to, although they were completely different. Maybe the diversity is what fascinated me that much.

One thing I never mentioned when answering that question but that came to mind every time was the fact that the weather was perfect! Warm, sunny, summery... it couldn't have been better. And warm weather automatically includes shorts for me. 

Imagine being able to wear shorts every day - what a perfect world it would be ;) In Switzerland, you can only dream about weather conditions like that... 

I fell in love with these starry Denim shorts of Lucky Brand Jeans. Aren't they lovely?! And I wore them for the 4th of July - kind of obvious, right?!

xoxo linskaya

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