Jul 22, 2012

Summer Appetizer

It's been a while since I last favoured you with a recipe of mine.

To be honest: I didn't really cook at all in the last two months. No, making a salad doesn't count! As for baking - I was introduced to the art of making "real American chocolate chip cookies" by my uncle (or whatever you call your mother's cousin). Now I know the secret about making the perfect gooey cookies... but more of that another time.

The thing I wanted to show you today is a super simple and very delicious creation me and my friend did a few months ago: a summer appetizer!

You'll need:
some dark whole wheat bread
a plum
feta cheese
cured ham
salt and pepper
balsamic cream

How to:
Cut the bread into mouth-friendly bites and toast them until crisp. Put some arugula on each piece of bread and add a slice of the plum. Then add some cured ham and the chopped feta cheese. Season with salt and pepper and add the balsamic cream. Now serve! 

Technically, this recipe doesn't include any cooking too.... but who cares!? It's delicious! And easy! Preparation time isn't more than 5min. 
The perfect food for lazy people like me ;)

love and kisses,

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