Aug 15, 2012

Thank you...

Hello lovlies! It's been a while! 
I love blogging. I seriously do. And I love reading blogs. Sometimes, however, I love "real" life better. Those are the moments, when I do not write posts... 
Sometimes, I wish I had more time to get all the things done I love. But as I can't change the course of time I guess I will have to find another solution. Ultimately, my goal is to post at least once a week. and please don't give up on me...
Additionally, I will try to change the look of my blog. I'm no longer happy with my header... actually with the entire look and feel of my blog. I already have some ideas though... ;)
However, I would love to know what you like most about my blog. The recipes? the fashion? recommondations?  the random blabla? (haha, I wish) Just tell me... let me know what you would like to see on my blog! It's important for me. Thanks!
And thanks for your patience and your love!
xoxo linskaya


  1. It's your blog, you are the boss here and don't have to apologize ;) And I like it the way it is ^^

  2. I think it looks great and I especially love the photographs, they're gorgeous!

  3. Writing is a way of feeling real, at least for me. I can only make sense of the world if I do.