Jun 12, 2011

what I wanna wear

you all might have noticed it: summer is here! well, not exactly now, I know, but generally! and I really hope it's going to be a great summer...

Normally, I used to wear mostly pants in summer - 2/3, 7/8, knee-lenght, hot-pants, whatever... but since I spent a lot of time watching Gilmore Girls, I started considering wearing dresses. And it was a good thing I did :) Today, I simply love to wear to dresses and I have all sorts of them. That's why two of my summer outfits include dresses.

The first trend I like about this year's summer is the marine trend: anchor chains, cute sailor shoes, blue and white stripes...

my second outfit is more sporty. I am absolutely in love with these blue adidas retro shorts! and I have always wanted yellow headphones like these...

of course, I also needed an evening outfit, one for wearing over your cute bikini - a little more classy, dark but still colourful and with a hat. I guess everyone will be wearing such a straw hat this summer, but I don't care :) I haven't found one yet, though!

So I keep on wishing that summer will return soon... and I will certainly keep on working on my bikini-body! 
xoxo linskaya

Mood: sunny
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Reading: The Hunger Games, Part 3 – Suzanne Collins *still*
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Eating: grilled steak with self-made herb butter
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