Apr 1, 2012

Deer DIY

This weekend has been super duper stressful... there were tons of things I had to do and just too little time. 

The annual tax declaration was waiting for me, I had to write a 1000-word paper for one of my courses at the university and study for the midterm exam of another one. Additionally, I finally took the brown belt karate exam which meant almost 3 hours of hard core sweating and fighting - but it was definitively worth it. And packing for my one week trip to Germany was also part of the deal. 

This was definitively not a weekend that allowed me to spend my time creatively for a little diy project. But I am really looking forward to the week after Easter... the Easter holiday week. As soon as I will have some hours of free time, I will do this deer silhouette canvas. 

What I love about this project? you need almost nothing to do it: a canvas, one colour of your choice, and a picture of a deer which you have to transfer to the canvas. Super easy, right?! 

I wish everyone a great start into the next week!

xoxo linskaya

1) deer silhouette nr1 2) deer silhouette nr2

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