Jun 14, 2011

cake pop monsters

yeah, I finally did it: I made cake pops myself!

After seeing all the beautiful cake pops from Bakerella, I simply had to buy her book. her ideas for the decoration of the different cake pops are very inspiring! making cake pops myself was some kind of challenge for me though...

Apart from translating the recipes into German and from converting the measures into European ones there was another difficulty: I simply couldn't find the needed ready-made topping and icing anywhere in Zurich.  Thus, I had to be creative - no problem for me :)

The decoration isn't exactly professional, but I was great fun and everybody loved them! They're obviously far from perfect but they definitively turned out as cute as I imagined them to be...
And I will keep on trying :)

xoxo linskaya

Mood: simply pleased
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Reading: The Hunger Games, Part 3 – Suzanne Collins (only 50 pages to go!)
Watching: Royal Pains
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