Jun 29, 2011

lamb meatballs in pita bread

I've been cooking again! Well, I have to admit that it's been some weeks since I conjured this meal onto the platters of me and my boyfriend... but I haven't had the time to post it sooner. Well, and actually my boyfriend did all the meatballs, so these credits go to him.

The dish is actually pretty simple, but delicious. We used ground lamb meat and formed small meatballs - tho only special thing about these meatballs was that we added some feta-cheese. Furthermore, we made a traditional greek salad using tomatoes, cucumbers, feta-cheese, some onion and red peppers. From yoghurt mixed with fresh mint leaves and some salt and pepper we also made a zaziki/raita-kind of sauce.
Obviously, we needed some bread as well. We used a simple pizza-dough with wholeweat flour and formed four small pizzas that were later slized open horizontally - like pita bread.
Just stuff everything in and voilà!

mmhhh... so delicious! I'm getting hungry again by just thinking of it...
xoxo linskaya

Mood: somewhat tired
Listening: to the clicking on the keyboards of my fellow colleagues
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Eating: nothing - I'm soooo hungry though
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