Mar 8, 2012

I will never be too old for Disney

One thing is for sure: I will never - ever ever ever - be too old for Disney! There simply is no such thing as being too old for Disney... Hope you get that? ;) 

If anyone walks up to me and tells me that he/she thinks Disney movies are silly, I feel personally offended... and the only thought soothing me is the fact that these people simply are too stupid for Disney! *ha - got ya*

Any I will never be too old for colourful clothes either... what a shame if we would all dress in grey, black and white. A little splash of colour here and there and I'm the happiest person in the world... or so!

xoxo Linskaya

1) LaMer Collection Watch in Neon 2) Superman Shirt 3) Tassel Bracelets from Etsy 4) Nastygal Colorblock Dress 5) TOMS Ballet Flats 6) Nastygal Neon Scuba Dress 

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