Mar 26, 2012

salad, oh salad!

Ah, it's spring again... and spring always means that I love to have salad again. In the bleak and cold winter months I am not much of a salad eater. And to be honest - who is?! If you tell me that on a freezing cold, dark, desolate and dreary winter day the only thing you crave is a healthy little salad I won't believe you. I simply won't! And I might call you names behind your back... who knows?! ;)

The only thing normal people (and yeah I am defining normal based on me which might be rather risky but I'll do it anyway) crave on dark winter evenings are things like hot chocolate, savoury pies, stew, delicious heavy soups etc. Warm things... I'm sure you get it...

But now it's spring again and before I get carried away by talking about savoury food, annoying people and cold winter days I will simply show you the salads that make me so happy lately. One of them is a simple caprese salad with basil (I love how my mom calls it "TomMoz" for tomato and mozzarella) in a not so simple way and the other one is my favourite mixed salad with corn, cucumber, tomato, avocado, shrimp, sesame and balsamico cream. 

I really love to eat salad again. I even might try one or two recipes for salads with berries, melon and other sweet fruit in them soon. *excited*

xoxo linskaya 

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