Mar 3, 2012

what moves me (february)


Aaahh, February is already over... and so is my birthday. I had a great BBQ-Party with my friends yesterday and loved it - I was never able to celebrate my birthday with a BBQ, so it was all the more special. 

I just wanted to share with you some of the things that moved me in February:

1) experimental nail art... It looked good for more than a week. OPI really is the best nail polish I know! 
2) pure organic coco juice - I have seen that drink so often in New York that I thought I have to try it. Well, it looks much better than it actually tastes!
3) my new leather jacket from Tommy Hilfiger - this was the best birthday present ever! my boyfriend, mom and dad made super duper happy with this!

4) poppyseed marzipan yoghurt - I so loved this!!!
5) cute snowdrops I discovered last week. ah, spring time is finally coming.
6) super huge gold/chinese piggy bank - what a cool birthday present form my work colleagues... still have to find the perfect place for it though.

7) sun salutation yoga sigg bottle - #1 birthday present from my brother
8) colour-changing tulips from my boyfriend
9) two sal y limon bracelets - #2 birthday present from my brother

lots of love!
xoxo linskaya

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