Mar 9, 2012

Rock it!

My mom is a lovely person - I love her a lot! But she can be cruelly honest at times. Only last summer she told me throw away a pair of jeans that made me look like I had gained 10 kilos (according to her and which I didn't by the way!). And way before that, she gave one of my pullovers (a white one with golden hearts on it) such a critical look that I never dared to wear it again. But she can be very helpful and positive too. 

So since my mom told me lately that I look best in anything that ends above the knees, I decided to wear more skirts. And as it is finally getting warmer again (hello, spring, would you please stay this time?!), I will be able to put my resolution to action... 

I already scanned the shops for some cool skirts and found some pretty cool ones in Zara. Seems like the stranger the better! If you're looking for the sources of the skirts I put on here, you can do so by visiting my Pinterest account.

Enjoy the sun and the warm weather!

xoxo your linskaya

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