Jun 9, 2012

safari knives

Let's talk about knives today! 

Now that's something I have never done before... but I think it's justified. Every avid cook knows that his/her life can be much easier with the right equipment. And I definitively have the right knives.

This Safari-Set from Kuhn Rikon with three blades is just amazing. It was a present for my birthday from one of my dearest friends and I think her idea was just splendid! I use those knives every single time I have to cut some fruit, vegetables, meat... whatever. They cut through tomatoes without squashing them! I thinks that's what fascinates me most ;) apart from the great animal prints!

I never knew I could be that ravished for knives but apparently I am. So if you still lack a present for a friend who loves to cook or if you're need in of great knives yourself, those should be your choice!

hugs and xo

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