Jun 15, 2012

Yes, I can(s)!

I thought I'd share a super easy DIY with you before I am off to America! And with super easy I really mean super easy... like all my DIY actually :) 
I guess that  says something about me. I don't like complicated things, that's all! 

So here is what you need: old cans (different sizes depending on your project) and the colour of your wish (I'd suggest acrylic paint). That's it! And guess what, you could even use cans that are no longer perfectly shaped... they can be dented and crushed and still make formidable pots. 

The project in the top line in the middle is my favourite... but you might have guessed that already ;)

xoxo linskaya

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  1. Fantastic solution to all the cat food cans that always collect up in my kitchen!!

    Greetings aus Wien :)