Jun 13, 2012

Summer Shorts

The days in Zurich do not feel like summer at all! Today rain and sunshine alternatively honoured us... including temperatures from 10° to almost 20° C... that's what I call crazy. Feels like April!

But, hey, I don't have to put with these ups and downs much longer; only three more days. And then'll be gone and enjoy the summer heat again. Oh my god, you can't image how much I look forward to these vacations ;) 

So, mentally, I have to prepare for summer again. I will have to pack for summer as well... so that's why I spend hours upon hours (not quite true but it sounds nice) looking at pictures of short! Here are my favourite outfits:

1) Chic and classy: old cropped jeans with a slightly oversized white blouse and some bling-bling. and a starbucks coffee of course!

2) Sporty and practical: again old cropped jeans but with a tee (I love the star wars print!).

3) City-chic: These pink shorts with an uni tee and a colourful blazer are just perfect for a day of shopping.

4) Nightlife: you can even wear shorts to party! these chic high-waist black ones with the styled white tee, a statement necklace and blazer for the way home... a winner!

I think I need to pack at least 3 pairs of shorts to be able to combine them. 

lots of love and don't let this ugly weather get to you!

xo xo linskaya

1) cropped jeansI 2) cropped jeansII 3) bright pink 4) black high-waist

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