Aug 17, 2011

against all uniformity

I love to do things on my own - with my own hands. It gives me the feeling of being of use. And it is really satisfying. It normally doesn't matter what it is I'm doing - it might be trying out a great new dessert, creating a wonderful brithday wish card, starting with a new painting or any other dyi stuff. The main thing is that I can get my hands dirty. I really love to have colour, glitter and glue all over me ;)
Me and my boyfriend - mostly him though - have been feeling of use lately. Meaning that we have been doing some things for our appartment. These things make our home unique and special. 

And in every piece is a tiny piece of us. 
I like that thought a lot.
It makes us some kind of allies... we against the world.
We and our pretty little home against all conformity and uniformity.

xoxo linskaya

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