Aug 18, 2011

must haves for fall

This year, summer is a bitch! I'm sorry for my language but it's true! 15°C and rain for the last three weeks and now?! Yeah... exactly: a heat wave is on its way. I can't believe this!

Sorry, I could go on like this for a while but I promised myself not to be too occupied with the weather - we can't change it anyway! But still, summer is over for me. And fall is adumbrating itself whether or not you like it. Ha!

If I would judge the seasons, fall would definitively be my favourite. Wearing tights in all colours again, drinking hot chocolate and tea, wearing hoodies, cuddling up on the sofa with a good book, wearing boots again, lighting up candles, wearing cuddly scarves and caps, spending the evenings inside watching dvds and series without having a bad conscience and baking super sweet chocolatey treats again...

As we keep on sweating, I will keep on dreaming about the changing leaves, the early morning fog and the cheek-reddening storms... these are my must haves for this years fall:


  1. Dein Englisch ist so toll, ich bin jedes Mal wieder beeindruckt. Bist du eigentlich Muttersprachlerin?

    Hmm, so eine Kiste für draußen mit warmen Wolldecken ist auch eine super Idee :D

    Und du hast mir gerade so richtig den Herbst schmackhaft gemacht, hihi...

  2. Hey linskava
    Ja zu kurzen shorts oder kleid sieht ne collagejcke toll aus!
    leider ist die von H&M nicht so toll wie sie auf den bilder aussieht :( viel zu kurz und zu dünn!
    liebe grüße