Aug 2, 2011

Je t'aime Amsterdam

I'm back from our little trip to Amsterdam (as you hopefully all know by now)!  It wasn't the most summery journey I ever went on in July, but at least it didn't rain. And the gray and cold weather was actually a great excuse to buy a lovely parka/jacket from Scotch & Soda for the coming autumn. pictures will be coming soon!

Camping was - to my surprise - not unpleasant at all. Well, it was a rather luxurious camping experience though. Our tent wasn't too small, we had a very romantic double sleeping bag to cuddle up and we even had some cushions (yes, cushions!) and the sanitary facilites weren't too dirty. We actually never stayed long on the camping site and so the only thing we did in that tent was sleeping... all in all, I can proudly say that I survived camping and I actually liked it. 

Of course, lots of photos will be following - we took what feels like thousands of pictures. But that's only because we liked it so much there. And I will have to tell you a story about a fascination manly fascination about everything nautical - unbelievalbe!
But for now be told that this certainly wasn't our last trip to Amsterdam :)

xoxo linskaya

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