Aug 3, 2011

wedding card

I've been having the urge to do something creative for a while now. I wanted to "do it yourself" really really really badly... and along came an opportunity. 

My boyfriend's parents have been a couple for over 30 years now but they were never married. And all of a sudden, they decided to do the "I Do"s. Of course that meant getting a suit for my love (gosh, men look so damn hot in suits), a dress for me (luckily I had one in my closet) and a wedding present with a congratulations card. 

As his parents have never been to Switzerland - not alone Zürich - we decided to invite them to Zürich for their honeymoon: 2 nights in a cute Bed&Breakfast hotel in Zürich, a cruise on the lake of Zürich and a nice family dinner in one of Zürich's most famous restaurants. That's the present! And that was the easy part! We also had to have a wedding card and this is where my diy plans fit in. That was the fun part! 

See the results for yourselves! How do you like it? 
I really like it. And I'm looking forward to seeing the faces when they get the card/present... By the way, this wedding is the reason why I'll be out of town again from tomorrow afternoon till sunday afternoon. But you know: I'll be back!!!

xo linskaya

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