Sep 1, 2011

a very social garlic-parmesan-herb bread

I've been looking for excuses to try this recipe lately. Fortunately, my grandparents invited me and my boyfriend for dinner last weekend. I was bold enough to tell my grandma (who is an absolutely amazing cook) that we would bring something for starter/aperitif; namely a garlic-parmesan-herb bread.

This bread is very yummy and it's very social - meaning that everybody has to grab a piece and pull ;) at first, this seems pretty akward (especially for my grandparents) but after a while you'll just enjoy. whereas the bread was my part, my boyfriend's part consisted of conjuring a delicious salsa to dip the bread-pieces in. and delicious it was! I actually can't give you the recipe for that salsa, because my boyfriend pretty much did it instinctively... (he's very good at that!)

so we just pulled, dipped, ate, pulled, dipped, ate... and enjoyed a lot!

xoxo linskaya

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