Sep 4, 2011

NYC - I'm coming!

Finally, it's time for a holiday! Again! But this time it's longer than just a weekend - ten days! And I'm sooooo excited about the destination of our jounrney: New York City
It has to be said that I have never been to the United States before - yeah I know, a student of English Literature should really have been over the ocean just once! So here is my first time! I'm sooooo  excited!!!
I obviously won't be blogging from NY... too much to see and do "over there". But I'm sure this journey will lead to many many posts once I'm back. Did I mention? I'm sooooo excited!!!

So farewell and see you in two weeks.

xo xo xo linskaya

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  1. Awesome :) I'd love to go to NYC one day .. Hope, this dream will become true. I was in California in 2007 and this was a fantastic time. And I'm sure, NYC is one of the most exciting cities in the world. Although it seems to be completely different than California <3