Sep 30, 2011

love oh love!

I'm still alive! That's what I want to tell you with this post... I know that I've been absent quite a while now and for my defence it must be said that I am pretty busy right now, but I apologize. You deserve to hear from me more often... especially when I have about 20 post that have to be written! Pictures from New York, some new recipes, a weekend's diy-project and many more things are waiting to be published...

I really love blogging and I will definitively try to be around more often even with my studies and work going on... I love writing about everything that moves me (haha - what a lame joke!). And I love my life just as it is right now. In fact I would even go that far as to say that I'm in love with myself - the beginning of a life-long romance. Sounds cheesy?! or crazy?

Well, I don't care! Haha! I know that I am crazy and I definitively know that you need to be happy with who you are in order to achieve great things...

Let's set out to do some great things then!


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