Sep 22, 2011

herbs, marinades and sauces

Ok, I know it is almost (or rather already) autumn... but I still have to post this: this is a tiny recap of a summery event that took place in June, namely my dad's 50th birthday!

Aaaaand for his fiftieth birthday, my dad finally got himself a grill! *drum roll*
Obviously our birthday present had to have something to do with this huge change in his life, so we got him a Weber cookbook with numerous great and delicious recipes. We (meaning me and my boyfriend) decided to try some of these recipes and thus made two herb marinades and a BBQ sauce.

The process of making these led to a kitchen full of delicious scents. As technology hasn't yet advanced that far as to me being able to send you these scents, my words will have to suffice. Just imagine the scent of freshly chopped herbes (thyme, oregano and majoram), traditionally ground coffee and pepper, roasted chilis, and a mix of sea salt, paprika, garlic, onion and cayenne... mmmmhhhhh. And if that's not enough, maybe these pictures will help.
xo linskaya

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  1. Wow, selbstgemachte Marinaden! Das muss ja göttlich geduftet haben. Jetzt habe einen Riesenhunger auf ein würzig mariniertes Steak :D Außerdem ist das ein richtig schönes persönliches Geschenk. Dein Daddy muss sich sehr gefreut haben! ...hey, meinem würde sowas auch gefallen! Er hat zwar im November Geburtstag, aber er brät sich gerne Fleisch in der Pfanne und dafür wäre das auch perfekt... DANKE! Du hast mir grad das Gegrübel über ein tolles Geburtstagsgeschenk erspart :)