Oct 11, 2011

Mugs'n'Cups aka Teatime (or wanna have part III)

Whenever it starts being cold outside again, I start drinking tea again! My favourite is the classical chai tea with milk and lots of sugar... but I'm not averse to varieties of tea. Whether Black, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Roiboos or even White tea, I like all of them except for Green Tea - Green Tea just keeps reminding me of infusion of grass and that's, er, gross!

Of course you need to have worthy cups and mugs for that! That's why I spent quite some time collecting great "drinking vessels". You can see my collection here. 

I simply love the one in the middle with the fisherman - have you ever seen a cup so cute? And the one with the cookie-drawer is just ingenious! Mrs. Potts and Tassilo just remind me so much oh my childhoo that I had to put them here. Actually, I think I would not have the heart to drink "out" off Tassilo! My favourite, however, is the first couple of cups! The idea is cute and funny... and should you ever be short of an idea what to give me for my birthday: that's it! *wink*

Let's have a cup of chai tea now!!!
xoxo linskaya

P.S. I'd love to give you the sources of these pictures or tell you where you can get them (especially the one on the top left corner), but except for Mrs. Potts and the little Tassilo I have no idea...


  1. Great collection of mugs! I really love all of it! The designs are cool and funny!

  2. What a lovely collection Mr and Mrs mugs are coollll