Oct 9, 2011

baked caprese eggs

It's been 36 days since my last recipe post! Obviously, I had to do something to change that immediately. So hat's the answer? of course! writing this post about another breakfast recipe, which I tried a few weeks ago! Nothing too complicated (who wants to spend 2 hours in the kitchen on a sunday morning?!) and nothing too bizarre (maybe the breakfast-pizza was a little adventurous).

This recipe (which I got here) is so simple that you can count the ingredients on one hand: tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, eggs, basil and a tiny bit of milk. You may add some salt and pepper if you like... everything has got to go into a ramekin and wander into the oven. Delicious and simple! And for those of you, who really like to have an egg on sunday mornings... try this recipe and you'll have one more great variation of that classic!

Enjoy your sunday!

xo xo xo linskaya

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