Oct 5, 2011

cutest rings ever! (or wanna have part I)

This is the first of many posts to follow about things that I either "wanna have" or that "inspire me". These super cute rings definitively fall under "wanna have"! I especially love the one on the bottom right corner... I found the picutre on Etsy in the shop of SmilingSilverSmith, who has many more cute and funny rings in her shop. Amazing idea! All the other pieces are from Pinterest, but I couldn't tell where you could get them (sorry).

I hope you like my new 'inspiration-series'... I do! :)

xoxo and have a great day - I'm somehow in a most blissful mood!



  1. I like the Cat and the ring with leaves, ... LOVELY ♥♥♥

  2. hi:)
    Thank you so much for featured me on your blog :) It means so much to me , I really appreciate .
    I have removed my shop entirely from ETSY to http://www.SmilingSilverSmith.com

    please take a look when you have time :)
    thank you very much.