Oct 26, 2011

self-made jewellery

Around this time of the year, I normally get out my knitting stuff. yeah, you heard right: knitting! If you don't know it yet: knitting is no longer considered old-fashioned, boring or granny-style. Knitting has a new urban and stylish image if nothing else because of the graffiti knitting movement (see here for some great examples). 

But this post is not about knitting (I just wanted to make sure that you still think I'm cool *chrchr*). This year, I don't feel like knitting though - so I was looking for a new challenge. As I spend quite some time on Pinterest, I was inspired by the idea to make some easy diy-bracelets. After the first one (who turned out to look a bit clumsy), I really got addicted and made more and more of them in all sorts of colours, with different leather ribbons and special beads. Of course, I improved after the first few!

I could now tell you how to make them yourselves, but I won't. If you need a last-minute present or just like them enough to give one to yourself for no apparent reason (who needs a reason to make him-/herself a present anyway?!), I would be happy to give them away for a tiny contribution towards expenses. I'm even inclined to take orders and wishes as to what colour-combination you would like to have your bracelet in. I can even imagine making ones in different lenghts... so, be creative!

Just in case you should have severe sleeping problems because you don't know how to make them, you could still contact me and I'll gladly tell you. ;)

xoxo linskaya

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