Nov 11, 2011

ink under your skin (or inspiration part III)

I never thought about getting a tattoo - until a while ago. I am not really thinking about getting one now, but I realised that there are indeed tattoos that are fascinatingly beautiful. I'm not talking about huge coloured dragons across the whole body or about tribals... no way that I will ever like that! That's just as bad as chinese symbols (you can never be sure what they really mean anyway) or other popular things like roses, butterflies or dolphins! And you should obviously never burdon yourself with names or initials of your loved one... even if you intend to be staying together forever!

Just have a look at the collected pictures above and you'll know what kind of tattoos I mean: lovely, fragile, even tiny ones. The placement is what makes the difference! I couldn't tell which tattoo from the ones above I like best. They are all special in their own ways...

And once again: I'm not thinking about getting a tattoo - I'm merely admiring the art of tattooing (for the first time in my life)!

xoxo linskaya

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  1. Beautiful ones ^.^ I like the ones on the feet!