Nov 18, 2011

jewellery (or wanna have part V)

Wow - I just realised that is part number five of my "wanna have" series. Seems like I wanna have many things! With christmas time approaching quickly (is it just me, or are these weeks flying by more quickly every year?! Gosh, I'm getting old...) my wishlist is not going to shrink.

Well, I'm gonna do this post anyway because I wanted to do it for weeks... and because I fell in love with these pieces of jewellery. I especially heart the ones in the upper-middle. so simple and so cute! I found them all on Etsy and just be told: Should you know a jewellery-loving friend (like me) or if you're a guy and have a girlfriend, Etsy has plenty and plenty of cute shops with cute stuff. Why? Hello? didn't I just say that christmas is approaching?! :)

So, have fun searching and finding your way through cool christmas presents!

And have a great weekend (I hope to be posting more in the near future despite all the work...)

xoxo your linskaya (who is really wishing for snow now!!!!!)

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