Feb 19, 2012

birthday wishes

Nine day to go until my birthday... not that a 23rd birthday would be special in some kind, it's just some birthday, one of many! 

Someday you reach an age where your birthday is no longer THE event of the year. It's just one of the many evens of year...

Ain't that sad?!

Well, no, not really :) I like birthdays but somehow I always think it's my mom who should get all the congratulations... not me! And I don't need a cake and candles... just the people I love around me is enough. I wouldn't even need presents... I've got everything!!!

But in case you're one of my loved ones and one of the kind who like to make presents... these are some of the things that won't leave my mind at the moment.


1) purse 2) macbook sticker 3) harry potter monopoly 4) yoga socks


lots of love and hugs

xoxo linskaya

1 comment:

  1. I'm gonna sign in for the socks… no one else is gonna get those for her!