Feb 24, 2012

what a gorgeous day

What a gorgeous day! Ahh, how I enjoyed the day! Spring was in the air!

Blue skies with almost no clouds, many hours of sunshine, the birds were chirping and it was warm. Well,  10° C is not exactly summery but if you have experiences temperatures of -27° that's almost 40° C warmer! Just imagine that... 

So it was warm enough to leave my winter cloak in my closet and wear my absolutely favourite trenchcoat: this Tommy Hilfiger Plaid Dufflecoat.

I bought that bijoux in september last year when I was in New York and absolutely and completely love it! It's a very bold pattern, I must admit that, but it looks great with jeans... and any other piece of clothing if truth be told. 

I really hope that it stays warm so I will be able to wear this coat daily... and drink coffee outside with by BF enjoying the sunset in the city.

xoxoxo linskaya

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