Feb 27, 2012

hot quinoa breakfast

It's been quite a while since I last shared a recipe with you, so I thought it's high time I did!

I used to be a breakfast-hater... a breakfast-skipper indeed. Most studies say that it's unhealthy to skip breakfast and that you are likely to gain weight if you do. I'm still not convinced that this is true but anyway... I do think it's unhealthy to eat breakfast if it makes you feel you have to throw up. My stomach just wasn't ready to eat anything so early in the morning...

But that changed: with my routine of eating breakfast during the holidays (as I told you here), I started to like breakfast. And my stomach started to like it too. So now I usually do eat breakfast... although I'm still not a cereal or hot cereal kind of person.

Last week, however, our fridge was completely empty... apart from a tiny bit of milk and some blueberries that had to be eaten. So what did I do? Yeah, I decided to try this hot quinoa recipe. I wanted to try quinoa anyway and as it is said to be a high protein seed, I think it's pretty healthy too.

It's pretty easy to prepare... and won't take more than 20minutes. Just follow the instructions on your quinoa package (if there's one) and use milk instead of water. Add as much brown sugar and cinnamon as you like and sprinkle with blueberries for serving.

Quinoa doesn't have much of a flavour of its own... so it's hard to say what it tasted like (apart from sugar, cinnamon and blueberries). It's rather mushy and you'll feel full faster than you think...

To be honest, it's not my favourite kind of breakfast (never will be), but it was good nonetheless. Next time, I'd probabely try it with apple instead of blueberries... or without cinnamon and with rasperries.

xoxo linskaya

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