May 16, 2012

all things for summer

I can't stop telling you this, but summer is upon us. Not as regularly and hot as one would hope for the middle of May but what would the world be like if the weather were actually predictable!? Let's enjoy the hot days while they last!!!

As you all know I am a sucker for To-Do-Lists... they make me happy. And ticking off things on one of my many lists is very satisfying, it makes me feel like I really did something :)
So, obviously, I had to do a Summer-To-Do-List!
Here we go:

1. Plant some flowers. And don't forget to water them!

2. Host a backyard BBQ party and send out some crazy & cool invitations.

3. Watch a movie outside wrapped in blankets.

4. Beach. Sunbaking. Lots of Sunbaking!

5. Run through some sprinklers like we did as kids (and nope, I won't wear a white shirt)
6. Drink a lot of cool and summery drinks - how about cherry, peach or raspberry mojito?! 

7. Visit a pick-your-own strawberries farm. Yum!

8. Take a (more or less) spontaneaous weekend trip to Paris and visit my Grandpa.

9. Go to a drive-in movie theater, eat a burger and drink milkshakes - so looking forward to this! #PulpFiction

10. Go on a Picnic with lots of yummy food (eating them out of mason jars) and tons of cushions.

11. Lying on the grass drawing some awesome things ;)

12. Make my own "healthy" popsicles with yoghurt and fruit!

13. Take more than 1000 photos on our trip to California.

14. Do Yoga on the sunny rooftop in the middle of Zurich once a week - yeah!

I think I could add a lot more points to my list but let's try and stay realistic for a moment... summer has only so many days you can actually plan.

Do you have any crazy To-Do-Lists or summery wish-lists? I'd love to hear about your plans for this summer...


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