May 2, 2012

bathing suits

Ah, summer is almost here... I can almost taste it, it's definitively something in the air. Or it at least was last Friday and Saturday. However, summer usually means time for swimming in the river or lake (yap, sadly there is no sea around in Switzerland). And that obviously means that one needs a new bathing suit: a sexy summery bathing suit!

I have to admit that I used to be a bikini-person. Maybe I am still.... But somehow I fell in love with so many bathing suits this year that I really consider to buy one. In my little collection here, you can find the ones that caught my eye and heart lately. I just need one of these and then: oh hello, summer!

summery kisses

*xoxo* linskaya

1) Black Fifties Bathing Suit 2) Grey and White Bathing Suit 3) Striped Bathing Suit 4) Ruffled Bathing Suit 5) Gold Choker Bikini 6) Black Lace Bathing Suit 7) Marine Bathing Suit

1 comment:

  1. Most people prefer bikinis, but these one pieces are very fashionable. They will definitely turn heads at the pool!