May 17, 2012

Lace Love

I'm in love with many things in my life... (apart from my life as a whole, my family and my boyfriend). It's really astonishing how I can fall whole-heartedly in love with "things"... sometimes twice or three times a week! Sometimes twice a day! However, I absolutely don't see that as a problem. I embrace the idea that you do things in your life either whole-heartedly or not at all. 

My falling in love with "things" is most often also the reason why I share things with you on my blog. So, there is a positive thing to it as well... 

The thing I wanna share with you today is my love for lace. I do not own anything with laces... never have. But I would love to! A flimsy white lace skirt or dress combined with a coloured blazer, a leather jacket or an oversized tee seems like the perfect outfit for this summer. I can imagine that these lace dresses would look even prettier with a nice tan :) 

So off to the balcony to sunbathe....

xo linskaya

1) lace skirt 2) lace dress 3) lace dress

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