Jul 28, 2011

not so far away

In about an hour, I will be on my way to the airport - hopefully almost there. Four days out of town (even out of Switzerland). I'm pretty excited! The weather shouldn't be too bad, not very summery though. As long as it won't be raining I'm happy, because me and my boyfriend will be camping. Never done that before! I guess sleeping in a tent with my little brother in our garden when we were about ten doesn't count...

You want to know where I am going? I'll ler you guess...
But here a few hint: there is a lot of water & lots of bridges, boats and bikes. Get it? If not, take a look at the picture below!

I'll be right back for Swiss Nationalday on Monday 1st of August. See you soon!

Over and out!
xoxo linskaya

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