Dec 4, 2011

a flickering of golden dust

As soon as I start to realize that it is really already december (already the 2nd advent!), I fell like I need a little more glamour in my life. this year, it a kind of golden sparkly glamour to be precise! I am almost magically drawn to all these things... 

Whether it's a completely golden glittering dress, or simply a shirt, a pair of shoes, a skirt or a clutch... even if you had only one of these pieces, it would make your upcoming holidays stylish enough to make everyone jealous. on a new year's eve party you'd even be the queen of the night with a dress like this! Golden nails and make-up simply refine the whole outfit. 

I really hope that I will find the perfect glittering and sparkly piece for christmas.

And don't forget: some girls are just born with glitter in their veins!

xoxo linskaya

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