Dec 16, 2011

Ladies, show your legs!

I just listened to the weather forecast for the weekend here in Zurich and it seems as if it will finally be cold enough for snow! I'm really excited; I almost feel like a 5-year-old again. Building a snowman, lying in the snow making snow-angels, getting cold feet and hands and red cheeks... ah how I love winter!

But as winter also equals cold, you need to wear lots and lots of layers to keep you warm. there is nothing bad about that! However, and it might indeed sound more than contradictory, I love to wear leggings and tights especially in winter... Don't even try to find out why! My mind even refuses to give me a satisfactory answer to that question...

That's why I will simply celebrate my queerness (in case you haven't noticed it) by showing you some awesome winter leggings and tights, either worn with a skirt or simply an overly long sweater (covering your but completely - everything else is gross!).

I'm especially in love with these Norwegian-style winter leggings with deer, reindeers or snowflakes on them and lots of colours like red, blue, black, white, brown, beige... I wish I knew where to get them! If YOU do, YOU must let me know :) thanks, anyway! 
(You might have spotted the one on my wishlist... just in case you don't know what to give me for christmas *grin*)

So, Ladies, let's show our legs and defy the wintery cold!

xoxo linskaya (haha, I almost wrote "legskaya"!)


  1. man, du hast echt einen super geschmack! =)

  2. Those are simply wonderful. I'd love to have them all. Plus the boots down left. And legs slim enough to wear them :P

  3. where do you get these??????????? :)

    1. Hey Emily, you can either look at the different styles there are on Polyvore ( or you can find them on amazon (,aps,146&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Anordic%20leggings) or on ebay (

      Hope that helped?!

  4. Dear girls,
    if you need some, I am distributing these kind of leggings from Italy.
    Pls contact me at

    1. I definitely want a few pair of these. Where can you find them? the ones on the above links to amazon have poor ratings. They are too short for most and also fit bulky in the top and have NO stretch to them whatsoever so are difficult to fit into. Any ideas on where to find some?