Dec 12, 2011

x-mas wishlist

This is my humble christmas wishlist. Somehow, I can't come up with many wishes this year. I have everything I need and want and I'm happy with that. Making up wishes so that other people can make a presents... that's not something I wanna do this year. I really don't need anything...

Should you wanna get me any of these things, you better first check with my boyfriend... (not that I will get all the things twice)... haha, that won't happen anyway!

xoxo linskaya

1 Leather bag for all my study stuff, Mr. Charmer by Aunts&Uncles  (I know I will get that from my mom and dad!)
2 Casio gold watch
3 Limited edition yoga Sigg bottle
4 iPhone case beige/red by Freitag
5 Sherlock season 1 
6 Sony eReader PRS-T1 wi-fi black (I will get that one for sure as well!)
7 Books on guerilla advertising
8 Scandinavian winter leggings

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