Dec 18, 2011

a tiny little christmas tree

Guess what?! It's snowing outside! Oh, how these tiny fluffy white flakes make me happy... I know my hopes for a white christmas might be in vain this year, but I might as well enjoy the snowflakes as long as I can. 

And guess what else?! Yeah, it's already the fourth Sunday of Advent! Less than a week to go till Christmas... I'm really looking forward to it. To great a food, family time, lots of love and lots of presents :) 

So in celebration of these two things, I thought I would show you our little Christmas tree. He is itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie (meaning very small, haha), but my boyfriend and I don't need a bigger one. I decorated it with different red Christmas bulbs and bow ribbons and a funny looking Santa Claus (hihi). 
Looks cute, right?

Light your fourth candle on your Advent wreath and enjoy a lazy (not for me) sunday!

lots of love, xoxoxo linskaya

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